The opening date panguso snapshot discovered in 2088

Pangu search as a new search engine to search new faster than the same search engine, such as the love of Shanghai. I believe that in the future, the growth of Pangu search will by netizens like, especially mobile phone users search.


Through the


panguso February 22nd 15 officially launched the opening of

"the dawn of time to search the world". By the Xinhua news agency and Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc to jointly build a search engine – panguso, after intense preparations, 15 today will be officially for the majority of Internet users to provide services, which will be broadcast live on xinhuanet贵族宝贝. The integration of Pangu search network technology advantages Xinhua information resources and China Mobile, the Internet service and mobile terminal integration, relying on the powerful technical platform, use the international advanced the concept of the Internet, more fast, more efficient search experience for the majority of Internet users, search engine market and create a new service model.

continues to try to find other words, just show the Pangu search errors on the part of the website snapshot time.

this link: 贵族宝贝shjue贵族宝贝/post/184.html

and other search engines like panguso also have "snapshot" function. Then panguso just on the line, but on the part of the site has some allergies, the Pangu search spiders crawl time display for the future time.

by Pangu search "QQ" keywords, we are surprised to find that the Pangu search spider acquisition time display: 2088-06-18 00:53. "Open the world" search Pangu, not like Pangu search says, really, the creation of the world search for future




search Sina keyword, found that the acquisition time dropped to 2011-01-05.

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