Single page how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

single page website of each paragraph or each of the anchor structure stupid had better be able to reasonable label label, H label, Strong label, etc. to use discretion, not excessive use.

The use of

single page website title is the main marketing type, can let the keywords appear in the title to attractive enough, it is important, a good title is the basis of site traffic guarantee.

Polymerization of

four, website content must be accurate elegant

seven, the content of the website

, the title of the two

single page because of their lack of the contents of the website support, so how to highlight keywords has become an important problem, in general, is easy to appear keywords accumulation phenomenon single page, so when we choose keywords should also be careful at the same time in the pages of each important place as much as possible the words, of course, the key words to nature, not deliberately.

website, will be divided into marketing and marketing strategies to perfect the integration of website content, website content is reasonable in structure, unique style.

five, the whole design of website


optimization?Select the

due to the single page so simple, in the overall design, to product marketing has a reasonable design, website style products around the theme and unique atmosphere.

label must be reasonable

, a single page of keywords

has been the single page as one of the best expression of marketing strategy and Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect by people never used, of course, we also know that a single page optimization often involves keyword accumulation, and all sorts of excessive optimization means, so a lot of the use of a single page will display in the search engine is not friendly, easily due to improper operation and search engine punishment, of course, there is also a lot of optimization through formal means, so there is no ground for blame. Since a single page in the network marketing occupies such a large position, so how can we make a single page of Shanghai dragon

We must consider the overall content of the

three, the

link parts can be combined with the actual Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, not blind, often due to improper operation of a single page link to right down, so the site either within or outside the chain chain must be reasonable and appropriate.


single page website is the best use of content aggregation technology, this will make the page more specialized marketing theme to highlight, invisible for the web site traffic flow contribution. Www.hczsq贵族宝贝 stone

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