Encyclopedia of the chain skills you do today to do

first, find a not popular entry, such as Hong Kong and Macao visa ", fell in love with the sea has been in existence, can not search and interactive, so we can directly copy the link in the past, to join the site can be extended.

. Today is here to share, overall, Wikipedia is a very good outside chain resources, we hope that the patience to perform, because to do so far more than a day in the forum of irrigation is much stronger. This paper provides the original by Wang Shifan Wang Shifan personal blog, please indicate the www.wangshifan贵族宝贝.

Methods and skills of

love Shanghai Encyclopedia: audit slow, generally 1-2 days.


encyclopedia chain can not be concentrated in one account, spread out, some are ready to account, make a record, so the risk coefficient is much smaller.

: search Wikipedia is very simple, but add extended data, reference can not add a link to a site.

Interactive Encyclopedia: not illegal, not too obvious advertising, basically.

today said here only three stations: Shanghai love encyclopedia encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, interactive encyclopedia. The rest of the encyclopedia, we don’t talk.

account level is good, before we put in the chain, should also edit without chain entry, integral lifting.

believe that Shanghai dragon friends all know that the quality of the chain of love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia website is very high, so how do we go out? A lot of new Shanghai met to do outside the chain of dragon encyclopedia is not to check, I feel a lot of information, write many words yet do it yourself, start to worry will not have effect! In fact today, Wang Shifan wanted to tell you, do the encyclopedia chain really is not difficult, please listen to me explain step by step.

third, by second, we also can see an entry, their related entries, we can also complement each other, and finally bring the link.

once the entries submitted is not successful, do not repeatedly submit. Otherwise, will be deleted. This time, an account can be changed.


finished several encyclopedia station, our next step is to carefully study the site through the chain method.

two, Encyclopedia of the chain.

second, a medium heat entry, such as "tour", love Shanghai, soso, interaction with. So we can do this, open the three pages at the same time, the search to the "tour" complement each other, while adding links to extend to.

, a three encyclopedia.

encyclopedia chain note.

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