Analysis of site repeat what is and how to optimize

2 points directory. This occurred mainly in the shopping navigation website or information on the website, because these sites often appear "popular goods" and "fine introduction" such as navigation, imagine "popular goods" of the articles is likely to also appear in the top ten list, which resulted in a return to that web content repeat degree.


when the site of these conditions, how can we optimize their website content website reduce repeat

dynamic web page set 5 is the spider crawling website backstage directory included duplicate.

1. I don’t want to do more to explain about this, others at the same time appear on your website, content is not high degree of repetition.

7 common news website, using RSS feed to generate the web content, and these contents are relatively easy to spread. Some web static files generated in the true no revision before, the real HTML page is not deleted after the revision, if the site structure changed, but the content has not changed circumstances, when not to delete the real directory of the HTML file, will cause the same web page content highly repetitive.

Repeat the transfer of

3 pictures may increase the beauty of the site, but a lot of pictures on the web site is to share an URL address, then the spiders in the index when it is difficult to ensure no repeat included.

when the site is not ideal, I think most of the webmaster first thought is the construction of the content and the chain suck, there is actually a hand if not in place, will bring great impact to the site, and in the near future the love of Shanghai K station event, with more significant impact of the factors. But it is not we often refer to the content of. Mentioned website content repetition, may be part of the webmaster can directly thought "collection of articles", it is actually the most straightforward idea, there are many reasons for generating duplicate content, not just a collection, some do not pay attention to places will have heavy content complexity, and here I would give you up in what circumstances will improve the content of repetition.

We all know that Copy and paste the

6 web content is too small, for example, some of the site’s content page content is too small, plus each page will inevitably have a common part, such as the navigation bar at the bottom of the page, if the number of substantial content less than the content words, there will likely be search engine for duplicate content pages.

4 error code set. When we delete or to prohibit access to a spider web, must give the correct 404 code, because otherwise it will cause the error code set page repeat included.

A website to strengthen the intensity of the original, although I do is to remove the bad guest website, but I never content to be lazy, because others are others.

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