Five the ultimate weapon quickly improve site weight

with the development trend of Internet China, a new station if you want to obtain the status of a seat on the Internet, many websites in shine in talent shows itself, the most basic condition is a kind of mentality is to persevere, unremittingly spirit. To succeed, you must repeat the simple things to do, do, this is the famous grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun said a word, I agree, do stand to hold this kind of attitude to do, even if not successful, I have tried. Want to do a website, but has a good mentality to better grasp the good website optimization techniques, as long as you have the following five weapons, that you will be able to deus ex, run away.

source on the website of the soul, every time a certain quantity to update the original article, this is not only for the search engine plays a big role, but also in making a contribution to inject fresh blood into the internet. The search engine of original content but that is all but pure original spent too much time, and not have the ability to have many webmaster, so it is not suitable for most of the webmaster. In order to obtain the original methods and ideas from some foreign websites to find some articles for reference, or topic mining and content from some personal blog, forum. Let the search engines fall in love with you, you have to write the contents of the one and only, and it is worth mentioning that a good article, absolutely cannot do without a conspicuous outstanding title, combined with the Internet as a reference for various novel events, write some hot, let some boiling hot heading.

website content update for a webmaster should be a very simple thing, but it must be the simple things repeat to do, to achieve the ultimate success. Update the contents of the purpose is to optimize site updates, to provide more information to the user, but also to allow the search engine to see, our website is building in the heart of brick, love Shanghai spider crawling rules have explosive crawling, creeping, crawling to confirm the stability, the general new sites are stable if this is creeping, crawling rules, love Shanghai snapshot does not update every day. So we in the update time must be timely continue to operate according to their actual situation, must be stable, when the update will mean some more, some update section and sub section in the content.



Qinglong: original content

The content of a web site A server stability rosefinch

of the White Tiger: update frequency

has a stable server is to do the basic site conditions, if the server is not stable, not normal visit, it will definitely be down the right search engine or update will be K. A normal access to the site in the search engine serious sleep is not a good website, and the website users will therefore lose. If the server is attacked, can not normally access the station, Shanghai will not be able to love the spider crawling to your site, the snapshot not update, want to be included in that it is not possible, therefore, I >


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