Shanghai Longfeng novice share site optimization success experience

Technology Department website handover to my hand, the first thing is to improve the site TITLE, site TITLE for spiders, the weight is very high, how to write TITLE, I believe we have seen many tutorials on the Internet, is nothing more than the number of characters and display control keywords. Keywords: Web page keywords placed inside the second thing is to set up internal website, remember do not stack keywords, placed to be reasonable, if the accumulation of key words, love Shanghai will think you are cheating. The third thing is the site of the internal Advisory text also remember, text does not need, nor is the same multiple text point to the same page, text transition optimization, love Shanghai will think that this is a kind of cheating. The fourth thing is to check the site chain site internal chain will seriously affect the hinder love Shanghai spiders crawl, so remember, death can not stay! The fifth thing is the internal website article — the best is the original, there is really no time to false original, but don’t go directly to the Internet to copy other people’s articles, because it is not the meaning of love, Shanghai is not included, even if included would not put out, so will greatly reduce the amount included in the site.

three, external web site optimization

two, website internal optimization

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do what words are good, you will have a rival. A new online, want to do keyword ranking, you must be aware of the key words, the so-called enemy, victorious. If you want to buy something, you have to know that the market in the market. In fact, now webmaster tools are very full, can through the tools query keyword index, query keywords, query difficulty of promoting competitors love Shanghai weight, query the competitor’s Chain…

believe that everyone on the web site of the external optimization is also of great understanding of it is nothing more than the chain?. The chain is a boring thing, but don’t give up because of the boring, because no one will help you to stay outside the chain, only hard work, will have a harvest. The chain should pay attention to several points: the chain number does not require much better, but the quality of the chain. The hair of the chain can not remember, don’t leave a lot of the chain between the day and the next day, but the chain did not leave, this approach, Shanghai will think that love is a kind of cheating. After.

contact from the Internet industry for more than 3 years, until the end of June this year really learn Shanghai Longfeng, and four words of a new station in Shanghai ranked love, period also summarized a lot of experience, although several key words of this website are not very good rankings, but for the first time in the real website optimization of I, is a consolation prize, here to share with you a little experience under the real right, although the fur, but also hope that these basic knowledge can help to not understand Shanghai dragon friends.

, a good competitor analysis

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