Prediction of Shanghai Longfeng VP ranked three days will come back to the default

third is the love of Shanghai have paid attention to, I see the prize quiz: Shanghai dragon VIP ranking will be back? The news is seen in Shanghai say love Tencent micro-blog on

love Shanghai has paid attention to, then I will restore the judgment within 3 days. The reason is because the site is not cheating sites, and Liu Huanbin is Shanghai dragon circles daniel. How many pairs of eyes are staring at? If you love Shanghai recovery time is slow, the webmaster will curse love Shanghai, love Shanghai even as public relations will immediately give him back.

my judgment is Shanghai dragon VIP ranking is coming back, we all know that Shanghai dragon VIP core keywords is Shanghai dragon training, the word I was about three years, to see the site, the site down, only one can withstand the test of Shanghai dragon WHY. All other do the word Shanghai dragon training sites rarely stable for more than a year, the Shanghai dragon Scindapsus algorithm training the word home page site completely in a big shake, no algorithm before upgrading those sites almost all down, only Shanghai dragon WHY a site is also strong, so no change point the problem just strange? This is the judgment algorithm may love Shanghai very accurate, there is a great possibility of accidental injury.

Scindapsus algorithm

second is Liu Huanbin released a campaign: "quiz: Shanghai dragon VIP ranking will be back? You know why did he do this? The reason is to let Shanghai dragon VIP attention, and reports, I believe many people will write articles, this will help him recover quickly ranking. This can in a short time can obtain a large number of user needs. This love of Shanghai would feel that this is a great value of the site. In this way the recovery right down the website is very good, such as your site is down right, you can take some activities or do some promotion, let search engine to feel your website has a huge user groups and user needs, so that the search engine will think your site is valuable.


love Shanghai recently launched and effect, spread to many websites, we all know that the new algorithm on each line will appear accidental injury, this love Shanghai call it fire strategy. Only some big websites or celebrities influential people can go to Shanghai and get the love processing quickly, as you go to grassroots fart people are generally not echo the complaints, the author tested. But the green algorithm makes me a little surprise even Liu Huanbin’s website was affected, since the last time it Shanghai dragon VIP being malicious brush flow down right after I was judging will recover, but to my surprise, I was judging from this site should be Shanghai protection by love. This strategy will not appear accidental injury results, did not expect this powerful Scindapsus algorithm let me instead. It is not what love Shanghai high quality website protection mechanism.



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