Talk about the importance of full range under the influence of news on the website


7. banned words: cause the site to open, the emergence of a series of errors.

Most of the The correlation between

include: the article correlation, the title of the article, the theme of the article, keyword density, header files, edit the original tail, forbidden word.

8. the duplication of a large number of articles to add: if there are a large number of repeated search engines at the time of retrieval that is rubbish, think this site is cheating.

5. file head end of file editor: judge a paper of the novel, the most important is to look at the beginning and end of the editing, search engine when searching and retrieval from the beginning. So, it is important to keep the file head end of file editing novelty.

2. Title: an article editor, the most attractive is the title of the article editor, a new title can bring traffic to the station, attract readers.

a site more or less problems, and editing the relationship, today Xiaobian I from the quality aspect to share my personal views:

6. of the original article: a quality to see you edit the original high, a high quality of the article can give the site to bring some traffic, attract eyeballs.

9. update: update the regular news rules can keep the site stability, but also conducive to the optimization of our

and editing a site about so much, some of the techniques above is my summary, the hope can bring some help for you! This paper is reproduced in 贵族宝贝 keep

!Some of the relevant knowledge of Firstly, the quality of

1.: it is important to add a news station, in order to enrich the content in the station, we continue to add information to enrich the knowledge of the station station. Among them, add a correlation of the main article, meet the needs of users, according to user experience.

4. density: edit articles during the key is the keyword density of the discharge, if the keyword density is large, the search engine will think that garbage stack keywords, keywords less, is not conducive to our optimization. So, we should plan the appropriate keywords when editing.

3.: the theme of the news added – the theme of this article clearly is also very important.

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