The experience of internal links should be how to optimize the share summary

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number is not too much


site map

on the small website, to ensure that can be achieved from the front page of any page after four clicks, of course, the number of clicks as little as possible, with the use of the site map said earlier, this point should not be a problem. A mathematical formula can be calculated, after four clicks can have millions of pages, enough to use in small and medium sized enterprises.

Site navigation

site navigation also try to use text links, some websites love using pictures or JS to do the drop-down menu for navigation, but for the website optimization effect best text links, text links can make Baidu successfully crawl through the website of the text, and links can also understand what is the column page the content is too. If the site for beautiful must use a picture link or JS code, so that at least a kitten all columns of text links at the bottom of the site or site map.

believe that cat buddies know external links on the importance of website ranking, every day in the A5, Adsense nets, a push, search sites such as Xing Xing struggling with the chain, looking at their website ranking up and down, your heart will follow an unsettled state of mind.. The kitten here remind you webmaster buddies: external link building concern station also don’t ignore the construction of internal links and the role played by both at the same time, two, your site will do a better job, stationmaster buddies say the cat right

if possible, webmaster buddy or give yourself the site to build a complete site map (sitemap), but also the site map link on the site of the home page, let Baidu find and grab the map very convenient. Some CMS system does not generate its own site map file, the webmaster buddy may need to install the plugin.

external links in most cases is not easy to control, but also need to go through a long time accumulation can achieve the effect, but the construction of internal links are completely in their own hands in the webmaster buddy, why give up and go into the station link station links? The cat said several optimization methods Sitelinks, for your reference:


link text

mentioned above in the link text should describe the column page content, so the words in the connection text naturally, but the cat would like to remind you that don’t connect words here stack keywords. "The contents of the other mentioned in the essay, it is natural to use the anchor text links to other pages, one of the important factors in the reverse link keywords ranking, this on his website can be done completely without fear of moderators deleted.

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