The future development trend of Shanghai love intimate search

3.: everyone personalized search results will get different search results according to their own needs.

in Shanghai New World Marketing Forum, love Shanghai a new generation of search engine technology – "intimate search", "search", that is to say the user does not need to search through 2 times and click on it to find the information they need.


2, on the right side of search results provide richer, and recommend more information related to the user, "do you mind I can guess the Shanghai dragon will lead to long tail keywords traffic rose

! The original

3. for the website, aggregation search will form a large circle, this circle to integrate industry resources,


prediction of intimate search effect on Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai commercial product director Xu Yongming said: "when the user input in the search box in Shanghai love online, an aggregation of the popular game charts, the industry and the classification integration information card show in front of the user. The key to jump, all the intermediate processes greatly enhance the user experience, allowing gamers to find the most convenient to the game. The search results are directly presented to the user, 2 clicks this advantage is to reduce the user’s search time and

good development trend of

1. intimate search directly to the search results presented to the user, so that the top 3 search results almost can meet the needs of users, this is the result of the top 3 after the site click rate will lower! That is good keywords ranking flow increase

2. experience: middle page strategy, similar to the 58 city search show. The middle page to provide personalized solutions.

where is the search for travel companies and travel enthusiasts to provide personalized information, greatly enhance the user experience.

1.: intelligent search engine can guess the user’s search needs, find the most appropriate search results for users.

search please indicate the source!

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