Why do not the traditional enterprises in Shanghai Dragon

suddenly moved to a traditional enterprise own completely new field, they will suddenly lose direction, this time with their own Internet knowledge, the decision most probably it did not actually happen in certain things, these decisions are completely wrong, but only to the end will prove them wrong, in this process, in charge of Shanghai Dragon people tend to give up their correct decision because the decision from the boss or leader, or their policy of compromise, but the final result is certain, that is not what good results.

recently, Li Kaifu issued a statement on micro-blog said: "the traditional enterprise acquisition of Internet Co, receiving a dead one," I looked after very have feelings, in fact the traditional enterprise operators don’t say Internet Co, even for their own website about Shanghai dragon and Phoenix optimization are very difficult, very few successful examples.

Shanghai Longfeng department is a newly established department in most of the traditional enterprises, most companies are not even a department, they must cooperate with people, recruiting and personnel departments but the personnel department never to recruit reliable people, but they do not know what to right, what the kind of person, what kind of people, and they will drive down the professional >

in the beginning of the end of 2009 for some traditional enterprises, is the main work content is the formation of the Shanghai dragon team, and proceeded to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, my feeling is: the traditional enterprise do Shanghai Longfeng the biggest difficulty is: do not give money to money, to recruit professional people, there is a fatal disadvantage is more important is that the decision can not be unified, unable to perform in place. We finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

, independent decision Before

, when I entered a company, I will be particularly stressed: the Shanghai dragon and their who say? They say we all listen to you, but in practical work, you will find that you have no matter how much trust, you are not yourself take control of your decision, because your boss, the boss will ultimately interfere with your thoughts and in every hour and moment, the company is not the right way, responsible for Shanghai dragon people, you have to follow the idea of the boss, you are making methods and suggestions for them.

two, the personnel is not independent of

these are still on the surface of the reason, I think the most fundamental reason, I finally found that basically is the reason:

so why traditional enterprises do not Shanghai Longfeng? I’ve been thinking about this problem, and also very many peers about this problem, arguably, traditional enterprises generally in its financial strength, business entities have certain advantages and experience, but to change the platform only, but unluckily, the difficulties, what is the reason for what nature? I summarized some, for your reference and exchange.


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