When the site is down the right love Shanghai which will appear the phenomenon

included only home page

Shanghai dragon, is the optimization of key words to search engine home to the above, so as to get traffic. If the keyword ranking dropped, may be down the right, but cannot be determined according to the certain information analysis can come to a conclusion. There may not be right down but love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, only the keyword ranking point floating not only, this is love get excited over a little thing, often in the case of air Shanghai. So we don’t see a keyword ranking out, began to change the site, resulting in not being down the right site is down right, so, in the case of keywords ranking dropped, we must remain calm, must be calm to face the problem, according to the analysis of some data to determine whether it was drop right.

The main work is to optimize the site If it is found that the

three site included rate reduction of

site included only home page, it is obvious that the site is down right, this is a method to determine whether a site right down to the most simple, if it is found that the right down >

included site is very important in the optimization process, because not included no ranking argument, therefore is also included in our daily work, if you find the site included the rate of decline, will be worthy of our attention, such as: the previous day included ten original articles, five articles included. The collection rate was 50%; now a day ten original articles, only a collection of articles, the collection rate was 10%; obviously included the rate of decline, it is worth our attention, it may be down the right, we should according to some data analysis, such as web log analysis come to the conclusion that the log analysis mainly come to search engine spiders crawling over whether these pages, again to determine whether the site is down right.

site, a domain name is not the first

many novice in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, always worried about his site is down right, just start the optimization of the web site do not know the site right down what is, what happens, of course I am a novice when there have been such a psychological. Nanning Shanghai dragon team according to these problems to summarize the previous optimization site right down to experience a everyone to listen to, this is me with three years of experience summed up, well, nonsense not say, we have the following specific look right down what phenomenon.

two, keywords ranking drop

Four, the site

in our query when the site will use the site domain name included in such a way to query, if it is found that the site is not the first home page, a lot of people think that Shanghai is love to drop right, but I don’t think that, of course, does not rule out the possibility of the right to be reduced, this situation needs analysis in order to further conclude that the specific steps of analysis I will not speak, can go to the last time I wrote "site domain name is not the first factor of what".

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