The soldiers raided see Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship cannot do XuSanDuo RoadTai Chi League HUAW

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I think many of us have seen the TV play, but to our deepest impression than XuSanDuo and success, two people have been together, with contrast, and certainly have feelings off. This time two personal experience told me a word called. But in the little body, I see something different, as an entrepreneur, I have to remind myself not to do xusanduo.

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in this drama, we can easily see XuSanDuo is always in a state led. From the beginning of a time history of this, and then to the Crosby, then to Yuan long, even in the old monitor wilderness, schurrle has been accustomed to listen to others’ command, but rarely decide what we should do what should not do, even if you want to do is to consult, he is a soldier Fletcher head penetrating the tail; and as an entrepreneur should go in their own way to learn to think, learn to lead a team and a team perspective to consider the situation, make decisions accordingly.

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first, schurrle has not been NO.1

in soldiers sortie, our impression is good for success but selfish, no team; and a complementary XuSanDuo is precisely the success, he is stupid but honest, honest. And entrepreneurs need to have super personal skills and excellent personal morals and values so that they can do better and better. Talent without virtue, success comes quickly, lost also fast; there is no Germany, then you do not know how to succeed.

second, entrepreneurs start should be a combination of talent and schurrle

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perhaps a lot of people can refute me, because XuSanDuo shape is a positive character and a growing inspirational story, but his spirit is reflected in many entrepreneurs who, how can such a character is not suitable for

has a lot of people in schools, in the barracks would rather not adapt to the society, because both in school and camp, we can be very good classmates and comrades in arms, but the premise is the relationship between us is very pure, no impurities. Have interests in the society will be between people and people, which will infighting and intrigues, and schurrle in such an environment, they will not survive.

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recently to see a "soldier assault", in fact, from the beginning of this drama gave me very deep impression, then just think XuSanDuo silly, very straight, but very persistent, I learned a lot of things in his body. Recently, somehow I suddenly remembered and turned over and watched the TV play which I hadn’t seen for four or five years.

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again, the market is not barracks

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finally, we need XuSanDuo spirit, not to imitate

Xu gave us his spirit of dedication, meaningful living.

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