Outside the chain construction site optimization

many friends will have doubt, now what do the best chain, or on their own requirements are relatively low? I think is necessarily Forum Forum, many owners have different views on the forum, some people say the weight of BBS is very low, especially after Shanghai love change algorithm, through the forum is very little weight the. Some people say the weight of BBS was low, but over time, a large number of forum is included in the Shanghai times more love and get the chain resources many. My personal experience is: no matter what others say, adhere to the forum every day, the hair of the chain, signature, over time, will help you have a good website weight. Of course I said time and not let Adsense on several popular forum posting daily, but widely posted in various forums, this way can ensure the relative stability of the chain. In fact, in a year’s time, almost every day I have to send the chain mining forum and record. Although it is relatively strict before forum a lot, but observe carefully, there are still a lot of forum to send the chain. Of course, the chain must have the skills, not only advertising, we can find more timely news, then in the insert text keywords at somewhere. If the content is good enough, the administrator sometimes sends you a horse. On the other hand, when the forum is proposed to find the latest theme plate, hot plate, only one purpose, increase the probability of the content pages are included.

forum content, we can also carry out the chain construction through independent blog, I have compiled the effective independent blog list, there is a need of a friend can go to "cover" find me for. For independent blog we should pay more attention to the effectiveness of the chain, in my opinion, there are three kinds of independent blog. First, the addition of rel=" in the chain code; nofollow". The purpose is to tell the search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link ". Nofollow was originally for the search engine to reduce the weight of noble baby caused by the loss of the chain, according to the Shanghai news that the club owners love love Shanghai, support nofollow. So when webmasters in the independent blog chain can view the comments page source code, see others comment >

In addition to the

Hello, in the last chapter, and we have shared the details from my website "," chain optimization, has been discussed and we analyze the layout of the keywords, etc.. Reasonable allocation of web page weight and transfer effect. The target keywords, website content is. This time, we can begin building the chain on the site, there are a lot of construction method of the chain, presumably in the method of love Shanghai search of the construction of the chain will have a lot of search results, today I want to cover my novel website "bar" website for half a year, will meet to talk about the chain construction process the problems and personal experience.

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