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second, released by the third high quality blog chain, in fact, third party blog chain is a good place, especially what keeps >

put an end to the construction sites in Zhengzhou – Henan Chuan Yi Technology Kim recently found that some forum signature links are very small, almost can be said to be very little, it has little significance, before completely on the BBS signature to access to the chain, and now has gone to the end point, then adhere to and take the time to do this thing is purely as a waste of time, so, this can give up, but it can be said that now many Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends are contact corporate website, and Shanghai dragon friends should know such a problem. It is the enterprise website basically is purely rely on the chain to do rankings, today, Kim will experience this period of time and get outside the chain platform to friends


first, rely on the information platform to release the chain, with the gradually understanding the weights of the forum is a forum, where to get the chicken ribs, the high quality of the chain, information publishing platform is a people love the place, some of the B2B platform, and to classified information network (58. Go to the market, and so on, are good) is a good choice, although the release of information on these platforms are not issued at the forum in which information is fast, but the value is high, more meaningful, also give us more advantages, of course, thinking of classification information website release information or B2B on the platform, we will put more thought, except for some time we must according to their own situation to do the chain selection platform, there are a lot of the time we must invest more Much of the effort to write some of the more reliable information, so that we can send up, will have the value of the existence of

recently released 2013, with the fall in love with overseas chain release criteria, resulting in a lot of Shanghai dragon friends began to fall into despair, a previous long-term summary method in a sudden loss of any value and meaning of existence, for Shanghai dragon friends, is undoubtedly a a heavy blow, the first victim of Henan Chuan Yi science and technology – small gold is the inside document issued, the site is generally K caused a lot of pressure, pressure, pressure from customers, the quality of the chain from a million to the very little, combat is not small


love Shanghai issued a notice, the little gold like into the magic in the same day, began to find methods, strategies, hoping to find some effective solutions to the re establishment of the glorious past, finally pays off, after a long time of study we found a solution some very effective solution to the hair of the chain, let us once again find a reason to be strong, but also make us more exact for the Internet to build confidence, Shanghai dragon, so

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