Shanghai Longfeng learning under the present situation it is important to grasp the key

for new Shanghai dragon industry, children’s shoes, know how to learn Shanghai dragon is one of the problems is the key. Shanghai Longfeng learning is the need to have a certain method and direction, deviated the track, eventually you will find that all the efforts will be cast to waste. So for the Shanghai dragon, children’s shoes, what direction is the most correct? On this issue, you will find the answer in the next article.

, of course, for the Shanghai dragon staff, they have to face every day in addition to the search engine and web site. So, next we need on the website of the knowledge has dabbled in the. Deep knowledge website of professional websites, including the production of static and dynamic website website, proficient in HTML, basic CSS, JavaScript etc.. May be if not a professional web design personnel, this knowledge is difficult to understand, but this knowledge is necessary for a successful Shanghai dragon staff. In fact, the most basic web knowledge often is the key site optimization, such as site analysis and diagnosis, website structure settings and so on these knowledge is that we must learn. Of these knowledge, we can also refine the study, comparison site diagnosis including a lot of content, so we can put the contents of refinement, a day to learn a little knowledge, so as to continuously accumulate, until we know all the knowledge points.

for Shanghai dragon, their biggest enemy is the search engine, so the search engine related knowledge is so important. If we want to fall in love with the sea with Google or very good keywords ranking, so I must know what is the capture principle of these search engines, how they are to the website ranking, ranking of different division of the site to the search engine and a series of related problems, we have to figure out understand. According to the experience of your colleagues, give yourself an outline, outline content including what we are doing at the early stage of Shanghai dragon must master, which can later study. This study will focus on the grasp, and not like a fly without head, regardless of the four corners of the world see a little bit, learn a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon, is the result of many of them do not know what will. In addition, try to buy a book on the search engine is the introduction of professional books, books through more detailed introduction, can help us study better search engine.

if you want to become a good Shanghai dragon staff, then you must have strong ability of data analysis. For site optimization personnel, the need to deal with different data, site optimization analysis, the initial data fluctuation website data analysis, competitor’s website data analysis etc. these basic data are to analysis. Data analysis Trilogy: know what factors can data, establish the data model, analysis formula or the relationship between these data and the appropriate flow. The three step is we must grasp, each.

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