Soft Wen contribute really is a good optimization method

so soft Wen contribute really cannot be used as a high quality of the chain optimization method? Actually can be remedied, as far as possible to maximize the effect of soft Wen contribute. Is actually very simple, the first is the article included, then the vote, the soft Wen on multiple platforms, including stations, forums, blogs and other UGC sites, the benefits of this is to ensure maximum effective content, > copyright, trans


met without reprint copyright, not only the number but no echo, even a decent anti chain are not well, but also because similar articles too much, to be considered as spam.


Adsense reprint / acquisition without copyright even, but many webmaster copy the article will add a link to your website, as its content to other major platform to increase the chain for your website. Most of the time many webmaster is with the help of software acquisition, will result in copyright at the same time, some other random inserts need to promote keyword, upset about the paragraph in order to add links to your web site. Then the strict control of the chain in Shanghai nowadays, this is absolutely a waste of the chain……


reproduced is added to link

because the content is the same, so even if you included time than to be reproduced in the early time, but others website weight is very high, resulting in the original title even if the search does not necessarily have a good ranking. A lot of small because the article was reproduced collection, hard to write original articles by search engines for the original judgment of others. No complaints of small owners, can only hope to reprint / copyright link when the acquisition will be added to the original text, so I still have a good effect on the chain.

remember many webmaster in share optimization experience, will be submitted to the soft optimization method as one of the high quality of the chain, because of the high weight contribution platform caused by it is a high quality of the chain, and the platform in the article will be a large number of websites reproduced, so no form to their website to increase a lot of links, so soft Wen contribute once became the major webmaster using optimization method. Haitian write some articles on 贵族宝贝yy.haitianhome贵族宝贝 copyright contribute to the platform, but currently submitted to the soft really is a good optimization method for

reproduced without copyright

is a high weight website reprint /

in the copyright neglected China, plus a copyright statement in the website of the effect is equal to only a small talk, high quality webmaster will remain in the reprint of the copyright, most of the owners when reproduced or acquisition, will choose to delete the original copyright. Well, are you afraid of the weight decrease due to copyright in the link, but you will be carefully in the name of the author are removed, don’t think so that others will not see is reproduced in


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