Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization method of the best and most effective

many friends love through blogs, forums outside the chain, this method is very effective, but will not be perfect, we blog, need a lot of time to keep this blog, let the blog of the weight of the high, the chain of hair have greater value, and the number of blogs will generally have ten. About a dozen, then raising the high weight of the blog by energy is very large, so this is not easy, if not just a blog to send, so the effect is not very good.

then how issued in order to achieve the most effective? The submission, write a original articles to some big website submission and successfully passed the audit, such as: A5, the weight of the site is very high, the industry is very famous, once a good article posted on these sites, there will be a website the forum and more to reprint your article, as long as the article followed by the original description, you of the chain will also be reproduced. Since this method has the high quality of the chain, and can extend freely as long as you write a piece to dozens of BBS to send the chain. Of course, the original, reasonable, so as to audit by the Jiangnan Wangmeng! Original, reproduced please keep

, thank you!

through the forum to send the chain is also a very effective method, but when the choice of forum, we should choose some weight higher, snapshot update is faster to hair, like some junk forum, send an article for half a month not included is of much use, be careful not to be search engine K website to send. It takes a lot of skills in the forum, especially some of the more large-scale forum, strict management, a lot of covert propaganda posts are difficult to send out, if some small forum, the effect is not very good.

no matter what kind of website, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so it is very important for marketing. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is good, can bring more traffic to the site, of course, the flow rate should be high quality, not the kind of garbage flows, naturally, will give you the site to bring more potential customers for profit transformation. The importance of a website in Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization is very large, of course, some of the other including the chain, website structure is also very important, so today to give you the best and most effective methods to introduce a hair of the chain.

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