Shanghai dragon training market Public opinions are divergent we really believe that who


3 Wurenzidi mercenary, do not assume emerge in an endless stream, the corporate responsibility for students is not imparting seriously.

Website optimization training company

said above are Shanghai dragon training market, some black, they are there for the whole the doings, optimization of the training market become cloudy, but formal training institutions have their own drawbacks? I don’t think so, some of the regular Shanghai dragon training institutions still exist, the phenomenon of cheating students exaggerated propaganda, development model of its own also has many shortcomings:

1 rely on word-of-mouth marketing students fixed source, its teaching mode and no major innovation, there is a case, he had participated in a training class, after studying a course set up their own website, the effect is good, but this is also a friend to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization, also reported is this body of course, did not think of what we’ve learned is basically the same, 1 years have not changed much, but this 1 years, the actual operation of Shanghai dragon has undergone many changes, I believe that every webmaster are very clear mind.


now stationmaster population explosion, everyone will have a few websites, in such a competitive environment, website optimization has become an essential skill of full-time webmaster, it has the words "this year not site optimization, you can do". But then again, who are not born in Shanghai dragon, people have to learn, but the mention of Shanghai dragon training, I believe that many of my friends are in deep sorrow, hate himself had sent two fists at. The reason is very simple, now the dragon training market in Shanghai is no longer able to describe the complex, it is a lot of confusion, want to learn a friend website optimization search "Shanghai dragon training" that battle will be immediately scared, too many choices that we don’t know, we really believe that?

1 class market is already saturated, the price is 399, 899, 2099 and other stages, but the quality of training but no real change, a lot of friends reflect although is 2099 and 899, the study content is not much difference.

taught 2 famous institution theory far from actual combat experience, content and importance of the chain by the instructor repeatedly stressed that the actual experience is rarely mentioned, do not know is not to mislead students, or for the retention of the existing technology advantage, instructors are always very cautious, while talking about the content is not bad, but the students of a course down, just know a little theory.

2 training company slogan than a ring, a tempting, like what "no matter who you are, that you 100% learn to earn money", "free Shanghai dragon tutorial, students success rate of more than 97%", but the slogan behind, we are not on the real strength of the understand.

the author first summarize the current training situation:

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