Six aspects of detailed investigation of competitors

6, professional popular forum: each industry will generally have more authoritative popular forums, can enter the observation of competitors be members talk, and search the brand name to see if we can find a related results, if an opponent is often people speak about it, so that his popularity is very good, is already quite powerful the service provider.

3, direct access to the opponent by visiting the website: can directly determine its overall design, ease of use, customers actively, can probably see the strength of competitors. Also can be a reference to their website, see where the opponent site is very good, we have to learn, which do not perfect, we do have to overcome these problems.

2, analysis the main rival website: it includes rival PR value, snapshot update, domain name age, included quantity, external links and directory included etc.. Web page PR of more than 5 of the words is a strong competitor; updated daily snapshot website that has a good weight; domain age long accumulated Website Trust and customer base will be greater; the website included quantity larger (except the dumpster); external links show strong marketing effect and beyond the difficulty is the mainstream; category included more than that of high quality website; so, see the basic situation of competitors so that we can grasp the overall promotion strategy.

5, estimated website: accurate estimate traffic flow we can hardly make statistics, but from Alexa, noble baby judgment about the situation of the website traffic tools. Alexa forecast for small sites is not accurate, especially IP below one thousand sites, and noble baby trends for flow statistics may be more suitable for us, its statistics are often obtained from network access provider ISP data, so it is very valuable.

1, see the search rankings: the first is from the search engine to start, the total number of pages in accordance with the terms of the display to see search results, in general, your website after you want to have a good development, must be more than the top competitors. In addition, but also pay attention to what the website is the news media reported, which is a famous site, which is the traditional line of business

well, this article from the following 6 aspects.

competitor survey can let us know your competitors, have a direct impact on their website specified strategy, based on their own experience for everyone in detail how the competitors.

number 4, number of bidding: whether in Shanghai or noble love baby, how many directly see the size of the bidding can reflect the degree of competition in the key words, if there are more than 5 that the bidding advertising industry competition is fierce, if only one or two so we don’t have to worry too much. If the bidding number, we would not be able to locate bid word for keywords, because even hard to do up rankings also won’t have too much traffic.


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