Analysis of noble and love Shanghai baby is how to identify the pseudo original

third point, why not only sometimes synonyms convert and even disrupt the sentences and paragraphs still have no effect. When the search engine to filter out useless words, and all kinds of synonyms into A, B, C, D began to extract A, this page most key of several words C E, if you don’t understand, so here (for example, may be extracted keyword ACE is not three but 1 to dozens of a are perhaps). And will these words as the fingerprint records. This is to say, synonyms conversion and paragraph upset of the article and the original is that the search engine is as like as two peas. If you don’t understand, it is good to ponder, Xiao Dai language skills is not very good, hope you can understand.

first stone I fully derived from the individual to the search engine a long-term observation and summary writing this article, we feel that the analysis is not right or wrong please correct me, willing to communicate and accept the stone, the stone of Shanghai, after all, was also a period of time, although Shanghai is the highest realm of Dragon Phoenix forget Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai Phoenix technology also is very interesting, the stone is purely personal interest in the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, no other meaning, writing this article is to give you a new and old station.

fourth, a deeper explanation of why a few paragraphs of article reorganization may be still the search engine to identify. You might feel strange? First, since love Shanghai can generate naturally decoded fingerprint fingerprint, paragraph of article reorganization is but the increase or decrease of important keywords, such as two papers in the first important keyword is ABC, while the second is AB, then the search engine may use a similar internal identification the algorithm, if the difference in weight percentage given a value below the release and, if the percentage is above a certain value judgment for it will repeat the article so as not to release snapshot, nor give weight. This is.

first, about which word is not the love of spiders? So we see: general search engine will filter ", and, like the high repetition rate." the very words, some people will ask why? Is very simple, because this kind of word is of no rank help the useless words.

second, when it comes to here to talk about the pseudo original love Shanghai and Google is how the algorithm, and judge? Why sometimes conversion invalid synonyms. So from here it is a personal a little experience. We all know that at present in the network on the market but there is a pile of pseudo original tools to words such as "false original computer" pseudo original "synonym computer" and so on, so what is the reason not to believe that the powerful search engines are not so sure, pseudo original? The search engine will be near synonyms pseudo original, when the search engine meet the "computer" and "computer", will automatically convert them here’s just assumed A, so many cases of synonyms pseudo original not included here’s why.

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