Create 3000 rebate station optimization case three user experience

some time ago has been on the 3000 month to create rebate station optimization case (two) website promotion, build 3000 rebate station optimization case – optimization framework, then we simply talk about the user experience of the adjustment. The comprehensive factors of user experience attention from the website impression, website function, website usability, web content to improve the environment, improve the user experience, reasonable promotion and improve the user experience of the site, improve the site conversion rate (the ratio of effective customer flow into the important factor). The user experience have a great influence on the PV website, bounce rate etc.. Today I take the rebate website as an example and share what is insufficient but also hope the advice one or two.

there are a variety of tens of thousands of Internet sites. As long as a good model in China will be widely copied out, group purchase website momentary hot illustrates this situation, so is the rebate network. Some criminals imitation of someone else’s Web site into fishing, fraudulent sites to fish in troubled waters. Caused many users to confuse the genuine website. So the website wants to let users trust will be a bit. So the style of the website as far as possible simple atmosphere, and refused to copycat hook.

rebate website itself is the online shopping guide function + cash return is the third party platform. Trades are Taobao and Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence B2C website. Even if the goods are not rebate, trading is safe, does not affect the normal customer shopping. But many customers do not understand, so the customer trust is relatively difficult to establish.

most online shopping friends are afraid of trouble, but also more careful. So the website functions should be simple enough. Less operation steps can reach the goal, each step, we need to have a detailed tutorial. Although the rebate generally only three steps. But most of the users are not familiar with the rebate, so even a simple operation, no explanation is difficult for users to accept. The best solution to a simple operation of video tutorials, so that the user can accept. Is the best on the web site navigation or display in a particularly conspicuous manner. Graphic tutorials you need to try to make it simple and clean. Many users with the author does not love more love and a long and minute statement, short way. But we can make video to make use of flash, Adobe, Captivate and other software (of course can also spend money to find help Witkey production).

According to the survey, many users are

, can not remember the domain name of the website of a few. Sometimes they are with the vague impression to search. It will cause the loss of customers.. The site name is "back to Tesco, but there are a lot of customers on the" easy to buy into memory". This search certainly different results. Especially some domain name www.fyigou贵族宝贝 like this writer is behind the first field of phonetic alphabet + two phonetic combination, this to memory will bring certain hindered. So the website can be set.

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