A5 optimization group recommended free Shanghai dragon tools can still be hacked

four: free.

three: love Shanghai weight query

in addition, the super Ping tool in Chinaz tool, is also very useful. Can test the reaction speed of sites at home and abroad dozens of servers, can let the webmaster know which network node server problems, so as to timely treatment.

website optimization, a search engine and the process of dealing with rules, and determine the ranking effect is the application of the rules. Who is more in line with the search engine optimization rules, then it means that the WHO website ranking and increased face change rapidly on a chip, a stable. However, the Internet era is the era of information, the individual ability is limited, so we can be with the aid of the external force? Therefore, people buy website optimization software, to avoid the tedious data analysis process faster towards more stable track optimization. But the cost of software, nor the general grassroots webmaster can afford the. Here the A5 optimization team finishing some free but very useful tools in Shanghai dragon, and from the perspective of analysis:

The keywords ranking effect to keep abreast of

, can know how much weight to give the search engine website, as well as the next step to optimize what direction. Here I recommend owners to use love Shanghai tool ‘search word ranking’, can be set to 10 keywords, the search engine statistics to the daily position and recent renderings. At the same time to see the "love Shanghai index, the word brings PV, the number of visitors, bounce rate, average access time. These functions are other tools do not have the Shanghai dragon, with these data, no doubt for the optimization direction of webmaster made a further indicators such as:

recently popular a query, called love Shanghai weighted query analysis report, through the website of the snapshot, the chain, included quantity, included cycle and relevant keywords ranking made, although it is not an official statement, but also has a good reference value. On the one hand, love love Shanghai station weight query is doing relatively well, even let the webmaster to understand what are the web site keywords have a higher ranking, that how to search the measure words. It can be said that the ranking the more records to find the site must also be higher weights.

two: batch query keyword ranking

: a speed test site diagnosis

the speed of response can affect included effect, your weight and ranking, and most of the factors on the server. So in addition, there are some what factors affect the rate of the website optimization? A5 group recommended use Adsense tools in the love of Shanghai "website speed diagnosis", the tool can be said very fine do analysis from the website structure. At the same time, optimize the structure, not only conducive to the site’s speed, is more conducive to the website optimization on the details of the more accord with search engine rules.


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