2014 how to do well the construction of the chain

The stability of

6, the chain persistence: We chain in the valley with an outer chain on behalf of the business.

3, the chain included: no matter what the chain type, need to be included in the search engine, no chain is included more is 0, there are a lot of friends to do the chain do not pay attention to this point, there are no weight of the platform, can send a large number to send, no consider whether it can be included in the love of Shanghai.

4, the chain diversification: many of my friends have mentioned this point, we do website construction of the chain can not be too single, not only released on the one or two platforms, the need to increase the release of the chain platform and type.

2, the chain weight platform: we send the chain of platform needs to have a certain weight, so as to give us the weight of the site chain transmission is relatively higher. The higher the favorable platform weight.

has been in Shanghai Longfeng circle there is a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", believe that knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng website optimization ranking friends should be heard, the chain for Shanghai dragon in the optimization of position. The chain is essential for Shanghai dragon, then again good website content of high quality, not high quality of the chain is the auxiliary chain of no avail, according to our valley chain to undertake on behalf of the business for many years, it is clear to understand the chain of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix website optimization ranking function, I hope everyone do not despise the existence of the chain.

5, the chain of correlation between the individual how to understand, we just send the chain to a forum to see, outside the chain of hair with the nature of the site almost platform is not relevant, this is the chain for nothing? Of course not, how do you have so many Shanghai tens of thousands of people in the Phoenix Forum every day does not stop the hair of the chain, they are not a fool. There is definitely a role will do. Of course, we can also try to do some correlation, find some correlation between publishing platform.


1, the chain: This is the most important, if you send the chain today delete tomorrow, so the chain is of no use, love Shanghai foreign chain need to review, found no effect, delete, or even have negative effect. There are a lot of friends too lazy to do outside the chain, spend a lot of cost to buy the chain tools, finally found the chain of these tools are not mass survival, then mistakenly think that the chain has no effect. The friends do not have to spend big price to buy tools, to get down to do outside the chain of high quality.

but why are there so many people do not feel the important role of the chain? Yes, because since the update love Shanghai algorithm, hit some of the chain, such as cheating, mass and black chain, the chain will be regarded as garbage outside the chain, is not good for the optimization of Shanghai dragon and even counterproductive. Then we should be how to build a high quality of the chain? Chain Valley to analyze the following:

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