The weight transfer and link layout

from the chain perspective, in fact, is the page weight through this chain of chain transfer to the outside of the chain to a site. It is divided into two types:

The first is the

in yesterday’s article "the blog chain have to say those things", I have to introduce a few good personal blog site, which will undoubtedly involve the weights we have to say the website today transmission means and link type layout.

1, from the contents page to transfer. For example, I want to optimize the word "Ge" is a directory of words, then I will send the chain to the directory Ge anchor text, to enhance the others search ranking of my site directory ge. After improving these weights, and through the homepage to the inside pages in the page links to increase the weight of the site in the inside pages, so as to continuously strengthen and improve their internal page website ranking some long tail keywords.

said transfer station again under the weight of it, this is also relying on links to transfer, but this does not depend on the chain, but the station link. The same internal links are divided into two types:

when it comes to transfer the weights of the website, no doubt you will think is the anchor text, this is no ground for blame. The weight transfer zhayiting website seems a very abstract thing, do not understand, so for a long time when I was in the akhan teaching is to tell everyone, whether inside or outside the chain chain, as long as there is in the form of links is the way will transfer the weight, only a different weight this is the link transmission difference.

)2, when the

2, from page to page transfer. And just released the chain home page when the opposite situation is the first weight transfer to the inside pages, in order to enhance the weight of the inside pages, and then through the pages to the home page links, in turn raising right > page

so, we have to transfer the weights of the website through the analysis of three aspects:

transfer form

is not the main domain name chain: the chain point to point directly to the inside pages and not the home page, this way is relatively safe, but also suggest that you often use the method, basically point to this page links in the more general will not be punished (of course, a large number of garbage links except).

1, when the main chain to domain name: weight which can rapidly improve the website domain name page, if the chain or a keyword anchor text of the chain, it will greatly affect the keyword in the search engine rankings. (but this needs to remind you Webmaster: effective method for the construction of the chain quickly, but there is a great drop right and K risks, when the same keyword anchor text point to the home page will be a large number of search engines can easily be mistaken for cheating on this issue, I will later in this article in detail that need not be detailed here.

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