We must formulate their own strategies in Shanghai Dragon

said the construction of the chain is the most important, the chain is king, outside the chain of high quality is the dream of many people, but as a novice I often eat cold-shoulder treatment, their site not good rankings that can change with the same conditions themselves, ranking up also can change well. So, the chain is the most effective single, so we can see a lot of people do stand group, Yang Bo, is to link to your website, as a novice on his hand and no resources, not what money, how can I do that, it can only rely on the Jian Bo, blogs or a certain effect, maybe you will say, now Sina SOHU, 163 is not included, in fact, these are to be included, the high weight of the blog chain to your site is the chain of high quality, but the premise must be to build your blog must Included, or do what is in vain.

to create their own Shanghai Longfeng notebook, outside the chain of resources, record the useful blog writing, these are essential, experience is always.

believe that we are trying very hard to join Taobao large army, also ranked in the positive efforts of the sex in Shanghai, every day in the update article, do the chain, analysis of the web site. Find yourself exhausted not live a day in front of the computer for 7, 8 hours is not what effect their website or not, what is going on. Many people do not have Shanghai, full-time, part-time for the people how to develop their own strategies for the Shanghai dragon.

analysis of the web site

Shanghai dragon is on the inside and outside the chain chain, a few people in the original article, but I do not recommend doing this, the original article is very time-consuming, maybe some people will say: that’s because you haven’t used to write. But I want to say, a low weight station if the weight of high standing was collected into your own words that are reproduced, don’t believe this, because I have suffered, and now love Shanghai, noble baby no good recognition weight of the original site. But this is not to say that any false original article pseudo original line, my strategy is: collecting large articles collected after his tail with 100 words, in the middle of the article must be disrupted, but the priority for smooth, key words and links I usually not more than 3, while the middle of my article the appropriate add to the article in the chain, woven into a net.

The construction of the chain The construction of the chain of

to create their own notebook

every day I will take time out analysis of the web site, usually for half an hour, so you can know what the competitors are the high quality of the construction of the chain, maybe I do not have the resources, but I can imitate, imitate to a certain extent we have their own thoughts. Analysis of opponents when the web site will often find that their article is written, the blog also can write this, the original of this forum can not have a signature is the chain and so on.

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