Through browsing track check within the chain and content of good quality

We all know that

track both short residence time, the bounce rate is too high, I just like that, we need to cut back words, that can not be widely matching precision or phrase matching. You know a content if you can solve the needs of users or to draw the attention of the user, then the residence time will surely, as for the bounce rate that is another matter.


Confused If you browse the

I use the website communication tool is love Shanghai bridge, may the other toll software may be in the user browsing tracks more cattle. But love can also see a lot of content in the Shanghai bridge, Shanghai bridge is due to the love of the real-time, when users in your site where you can view the browsing path of its users, there is no way to go to see the time, so in the observation of user browsing path you can select a user visit the peak. So you can see what you see the user specific ", what is its browsing trajectory. Figure

Shanghai Longfeng staff is second, average residence time will not have what too much of a problem, because the page itself is we ran this go, the second point is the bounce rate high, with the chain within the chain, we all know, but the key is that we do it there is the effect? For example, in a second page for 5 minutes and 23 seconds, but in the third page only for 9 seconds, and then jump out if large amounts of data is so, then the third link recommendation has a problem, or the content itself is a problem, we should question the convergence of second a page and a page third, followed by the improved third page content quality >

you see from the chart you can see where the user is used, it is what the search keywords, which one is it corresponds to the landing page, when I started browsing path in the observation of the user found a large number of users jumped 100%, and stay for a short time, then the cause is the content of the page can not meet the search term. This is easy to understand, to do the bidding of friends all know, bidding has a broad match, may a keyword can match a lot of words, as long as you bid high enough, what the traffic will come out of order, of course can not meet the needs of the content of the page, users see search words to find the contents of the wind irrelevant will not be clicking on other pages, but immediately exit. This rarely happened in the Shanghai dragon, because if you search the word with your content does not match you according to will not appear in front of the user.

website jump out rate and residence time is able to explain the problem to the website of the viscous, we want users to stay longer in our website, see more pages. We all know that the site is the chain increase user stickiness is the most important means to reduce the bounce rate, before I have been for the website bounce rate, residence time, within the chain of these things tangled, until a few days ago I accidentally saw the love bridge in Shanghai business users to browse the track, a few problems are smoothly done or easily solved.

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