Website URL optimization considerations

, what is the path to the

three, URL

1, the error path of a site if there are a large number of wrong path for this website is undoubtedly fatal. Because a large number of wrong path will cause many dead links, it may lead to search engine drop right even more severe punishment on the website.

other website path optimization matters

URL path is divided into absolute and relative paths, the absolute path is embodied in a true relationship between path, is a path that is embodied in the relative path. Because of the relative path in the search engine optimization process performance is good, so in general we recommend using a relative path.

two, how to set the

4, URL path and pages included for small and medium-sized site, search engine for > deep

site URL path refers to the effective link between each web address, it can realize the connection between each page jump. Is simply a page. The URL path of a website is divided into the relative and absolute paths, can also be divided into static and dynamic path path.

but we also need to select the dynamic path of a web site or a static path, the search engine technology and algorithm is constantly updated and changing, but from the overall performance, search engine friendly on the static and dynamic path path, so we generally recommend the use of static path, if necessary, you can use the rewrite the path is pseudo static. Of course, have to use dynamic path in special circumstances, such as space does not support pseudo static, the program does not support static etc..

website rul

URL is a web site, but the setting is not a site casually. The optimization process in a web site URL also plays an important role. Set up a website to the search engine for URL pages to crawl, and will directly affect the amount included in a web site.

path URL website

2, repeated path repeated path will cause the page to repeat, if there is a redundant path for a large number of sites, the search engine is likely to deweight the repeat page even can have a fatal impact on the entire site.

3, standard URL path URL path of standardized means to set up a website ULR should form rule, or try to use the spelling and spelling English abbreviations, etc., and should also pay attention to the length of the ulr. It is based on your specific situation by the website and. Now the search engine on the Chinese path performance is not very friendly, so we need to use the same English or English characters, such as path should be used in line, avoid the use of Chinese or Chinese characters Chinese characters. These are all we need to pay attention to in the process of website URL optimization in detail.

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