The importance of brand keyword


‘s Shanghai dragon almost have experienced trouble down the right site, a lot of people in Shanghai love good, traffic is very good, but once the site down the right, keyword ranking dropped, almost no traffic, a lot of people think it is behoove. But the brand keywords is not the same, when you fall in the website search engine rankings, users can find your website, they will directly search for your brand.

so long title, the advertising media, advertising, LED advertising car modified car prices etc. these long tail keywords are placed in the title up, from A to Z can not see brand keywords, in fact it is very dangerous. The reason for everyone to say.

but now many sites have no brand keywords, they think it put the target keywords in the page title, so you can make full use of the principle of complete matching keywords, I found my many colleagues to do so:

you see above winning red content? I love Shanghai search LED advertising vehicle, the di deer LED LED advertising vehicle advertising vehicle, green love Shanghai related search, it is clear that this is the search behavior with brand keywords, some people will say that this is the relevant search can brush, but I am engaged in LED car advertising industry, pay more attention to these changes in Shanghai love search, I can prove that the two peer brand keywords not brush. I walk through the analysis of the two LED car advertising website, found that their counterparts in the picture is the best, there may be a real sense of the old customers want to buy their company LED advertising company, may be competitors to remember his brand keywords, to enter their websites product pictures. Whether or not the real customers is not important, important is that these people arrived at our website through search keywords. As long as there is a click on the weight, so we don’t resist our competitors click.

Is the name of the name of our company or product brand


website brand name brand keywords in general, the keyword function is like a person’s name, users can search for your brand name and keywords to your website. These people search brand keywords are our old customers, the conversion rate is quite high. But many of us don’t pay attention to the brand website keywords, brand keywords don’t even write a website. Some people may think that as long as I website ranking up, not people will click on my website, I a small business station, set up a brand keywords to do what is not a waste of resources? In a small company is not known, but not like Sina, etc. these well-known NetEase the company, others will search brand keywords I arrive at our website? Seems consistent with reasoning, but after reading below, your views may change:

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