Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform open registration experience report

website security testing tool

we all know before love for Shanghai XML website map support is not very friendly, so we have the HTML site map used to facilitate the love Shanghai spiders crawl. Now launch sitemap map is also doomed to love Shanghai HTML map will lose some functionality, but it does not mean that the HTML map will exit the stage of history, I think the biggest use of HTML map in the future is to give users convenient focus on user experience ascension, for love for Shanghai is indeed not crawling this is too big, we very much hope that the XML map can be used later.


website security testing tool


URL optimization tool is a new function, it feels pretty good, can help you understand some of the problems you "and some good advice.

we can see that this tool is very humanized remind you of "the problem, and give you suggestions to help you improve your website to the search engine friendly.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform

we can see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform quite shabby, and did not bring a lot of functions, but the sitemap is indeed the highlight of the submission.

URL optimization tool


Ping Service is love Shanghai before it has launched a service, his role is our blog or website updated us through the Ping Service is equivalent to notice I love Shanghai’s website has been updated, this time after the receipt of this message will love Shanghai to crawl your site, this time Ping services will be integrated into the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform. Introduce how to use the Ping service method, and view the status of the Ping service that allows us to better understand the function.

URL optimization tool


Invite love Shanghai Webmaster Platform carried out in open test recently has been in

by name we can know about the website security testing tools for Security > role, the existence of the site


before the webmaster friends can be directly registered in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love to use, I also personally experience a look of love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform which brings new things to us.

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