Keep the enterprise website optimization keywords ranking reason

part of the site keywords small amplitude, dragon also talk about their views:

As for the reason of

recently engaged in some optimization of the Shanghai dragon Er will find a strange phenomenon, a lot of enterprise website individual words are appeared in a wide range of fluctuations in the home, today, maybe tomorrow fell to the three or four page after. According to the Shanghai normal love update algorithm, web site keywords ranking should not be such a big change, if the site suffered right down, then all the words should be affected. Many webmaster in the QQ forum that Shanghai is not normal, dragon to don’t think so, seemingly clueless phenomenon are often the basis for its existence, only through the surface phenomenon of Shanghai dragon optimization to find love in Shanghai trail, in order to better optimize their website.

with love of the Shanghai quality and user experience attention in natural ranking cannot ignore the user experience. In detection of user behavior through, can know each.

Lenovo to love Shanghai the recent launch of the spark plan, then upgrade to the 2 love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm. We know that love is the spark plan launched in Shanghai in order to protect the original content website, Scindapsus algorithm 2 garbage chain is hit, the combination of these two algorithms is from the content to the chain to the original value. Dragon’s Web site keywords ranking individual ranking volatility is so huge, personally think that love is the result of changes in accordance with the Shanghai algorithm, the algorithm before my site in Shanghai is no doubt that love home, love with Shanghai on a value of the original value of the user experience of the website ranking not only concern and the content of the article, the chain of love, Shanghai added value of the evaluation factors and customer preference, although my site before love Shanghai in the assessment to its requirements, but there is still a lack of transfer in the user experience and the value, thus ranking dropped in the new algorithm, love Shanghai.

dragon shaped through some serious keywords ranking drop analysis, although the recent website did not use what illegal or cheating optimization methods. The optimization schedule and schedule the same website before, what is the reason leading to the decrease of individual keywords ranking suddenly range? A careful analysis of the content of these sites, users click rate and the residence time will find that higher matching content and keywords of these websites, and the content is more abundant. But further found a lot of content is the parrot said, just pick a title search through the love of Shanghai, can get a lot of related content, although the article is the pseudo original and not much repetition, but not give users much valuable content. Look at the user click rate and residence time is not high, some users click on the left hurriedly lead to words related to the page out rate is too high. In the chain to search these keywords, others mostly pseudo original articles, although there are some soft Wen contribute, but on the whole or in the pseudo original.

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