The state will cancel the registration of company funds to loosen the conditions for registration of

, for instance, the enterprise website just to do a few pages and paid tens of thousands of Yuan Gan suckers are all examples of past is the ratio is.

quite a lot of people are afraid to pay such as ADW to sell products, or afraid of burn test, which products sell well; some people say that not afraid of burning money, afraid to choose the wrong product.

three is in accordance with the principle of convenient registration and standardized order, and relax the registration condition of the market principal residence place of business, which is specifically stipulated by the local government.

niche, as I explained, is a market segment that includes a group of people who share a common interest or character,.

from 2 directions

two is to change the enterprise annual inspection system to the annual reporting system, any unit and individual can query, so that enterprise related information transparent. Establish fair and standard spot check system, overcome the randomness of inspection and improve the fairness and efficiency of government management.

3 you can come into contact with this market directly,

ran >


, 2 something or something that you do not know

1 your passion will help you sell things with confidence,

, which involves the minimum registered capital and the relaxation of the registration conditions of the market principal residence place of operation, can be said to solve the two biggest difficulties for the start-up registered company. Before a lot of entrepreneurs because of workplace problems to pay the extra cost a lot, so that enterprises began to carry a heavy burden, the Chinese entrepreneurs of foreign entrepreneurs and even the basement garage business can only envy. The introduction of the new policy, although depends on the specific provisions of local governments, but we believe in different areas of government competition and the guidance of national policy, we can expect a more relaxed environment, can expect the majority of entrepreneurs can be time and money more focused on products, users. >

essentially, the best niche is a market that is not competitive but has great potential.


on several products promising several long-term in niche because of a variety of sources of income can approach the stability of your business.

now, let’s analyze how to pick niche.

2 it will be a better product,

exactly, how to choose suitable products to sell SALE, this is a new problem in this field is. Whether you buy or use the natural flow to do their station traffic.

first, to relax the registration requirements for registered capital. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, the limited liability company to cancel the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, the lowest one person limited liability company registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, the lowest Limited by Share Ltd registered capital of 5 million yuan limit; no longer limited company set up when the shareholders promoters the contribution ratio of the first and paid contribution deadline. The paid in capital of the company is no longer registered in the industry and commerce.

, 1 something or something you know

meeting clearly identified the main elements of the reform:

some examples, typical SEO services. A few years ago, SEO knowledge is not universal, because the enterprise website absolutely ignorant of in this respect, and think of SEO services for its people and less people, it is so easy to make a fortune.

, but try not to get stuck in the product of your brain’s preferences. That might be a stumbling block to your thinking,.

first, for the convenience of future narratives, we introduce a concept: niche

, these are 2 opposite directions. For us, it’s better to start with what you know and be enthusiastic about it, because:

Premier Li Keqiang held a State Council executive meeting on October 25th, deploying to promote the reform of the company’s registered capital registration system and reduce the start-up costs. All the restrictions on the registered capital of enterprises, the annual inspection of enterprises and the place of operation have been adjusted. Will be more conducive to the creation and management of enterprises.

in view of this, I wrote this series to sum up.

these novice psychology, almost all the same, a waste of time and overcautious, about.

this is the use of asymmetric information to bring monopoly advantages to obtain high profits, remember Wang Tong said he is that kind of person,.

has also been translated as an "unpopular market" or "niche market" a new market that fills the gap of markets. As for another translation, niche market, I don’t think it’s good to have.

five is to promote the registered capital, from the paid in registration system to the subscription registration system, to reduce the start-up costs of the company. On the basis to improve the relevant laws and regulations, implemented by the shareholders promoters autonomous agreement subscribed capital contribution, investment period, and to pay the capital contribution of authenticity and legitimacy of the system.

, in other words, how to pick a profitable project for SALE, for any type of Internet business,.

four is to vigorously promote the construction of enterprise integrity system. Focus on the use of information publicity and sharing and other means, the enterprise registration, annual reports, qualifications, etc., through the market, the main credit information system to be publicized. The implementation of the electronic business license and the whole process of electronic registration management, and the paper business license has the same legal effect. Improve the credit constraint mechanism, the market participants will be included in the abnormal operation of the "black list", to the public, so that "one violation, everywhere Limited", to improve the cost of enterprise dishonesty".

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