How to buy virtual host website


to buy abroad, the novice webmaster will take into account the access speed, open the main test site access speed suck, do the site would have no meaning. You can see that the host evaluation, then how to choose the access speed of the virtual host? From the domestic access speed, some fast, some slow, slow download speed test: you can also look for FTP upload speed is about 10K, and the main line, and the speed of access is from the United States about how to choose the fastest access to the domestic host, this will be your first evaluation to understand the host, and then to test their host, a lot of foreign hosts to provide testing, you can test for a period of time, then consider buying a problem.

four, flow problem

as a novice webmaster, I also want to have a website of your own. Think for a long time, to determine the theme of the site, and then started to design web pages. With the completion of web pages and web applications, virtual host selection have to take seriously. A good web site, the premise is to have a good foundation, namely virtual hosting space. So I want to here today and many new Adsense share some tips to buy virtual host.

three, virtual host speed

the first thing to consider is the record, the novice webmaster all know the filing procedures of domestic space not only perplexing, and the limit is also a lot of things, want to do a website to see their love of space service providers face. In contrast, foreign virtual host is better, in a word, after all, and from the record, save a lot of unnecessary procedures, buy foreign virtual host is really more ah.

therefore I do not hesitate to choose the foreign virtual host.

Foreign virtual host

two features, foreign virtual host is mostly PHP+MYSQL+APACHE+SQL+Access+Html virtual host, the host is characterized in that it has a very powerful computer management software, PHP, MYSQL and Access is a free software and ASP virtual host space is small and expensive, at last I want to say is the biggest characteristic of ASP+SQLServer virtual host his not too expensive. For our novice webmaster is very difficult to afford.


### novice webmaster how to buy virtual host website

The virtual host

speed test:

is a virtual host to provide much of the traffic which is very important. Flow is money, the most clear. Some space for you, 2G, 5G, 1G limit 10G flow. >

, a domestic and foreign virtual host virtual host

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