Share ten days of recovery by K website included experience


third: check whether the site is K

second: check the site title

early station, we have to increase the weight of the website, webmasters will do everything possible to increase the site outside the chain, of course, the author is one of them, to set up the website after half a month, I began to publish articles in each big website, so the web site outside of the chain increased particularly fast, and on the website chain fierce has increased about 900, the site was K, so new sites in the increase of the chain, it is best not to choose a soft way, because the soft, although the increase of the chain is the best, but because it is reproduced, so the amount of the chain is not easy to control, so you once published, you don’t want to increase.

website after K, to view the same IP address below all of the site, to see if there are K sites in search over all sites, we found four sites were in sea K. So the decisive change of space, change the IP address, to avoid being hurt.

many people say, is not the webmaster K, is not a good webmaster, and honored the last love Shanghai update, the site was K, so I experience a taste of the hair is pulled out. Then to the forum and asked to know the original is in love with the sea K of many sites, and many sites are rather baffling is K. But for the webmaster, especially those full-time webmaster, site is the main source of our economy, the site was K, the flow will rapidly decline, the stationmaster income also has a serious impact. Then the site was K, what should we do to make love Shanghai reincluding? According to the site from K to restore the collected experience to share, we want to help.

if your website content does not have what problem, this time to look at the title of the site is reasonable, whether caused by keyword stuffing, the site was K in the period of time before is on the website of the title of big changes, whether it is to analyze the reason of the title of the website, the website can not because the title change easily, so in the uncertain situation, can not easily change the website title.

site was K after the owners do not worry, to calm down and carefully analyze the reasons, did not find out is the cause of the K period, the content of the site do not make any changes, because if you modify any part of the site, it is likely to affect the search engine more bad. This time we should carefully find the website content, website to see whether it contains such as PW, adult illegal content, if any, should be removed as soon as possible, because the search engine is to shield the illegal content, if your website contains these words are likely to be the love of Shanghai shield.

fourth: check whether the problem of the chain

First: check the website of

with IPThe

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