Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the station outside the station optimization who is more important

Secondly, the meta description tag:

. The meta tag meta attributes, according to the site of the primary key, add the appropriate title title to the site, keyword attributes may not be stationmaster people value, search engine to give the weight may also is not very high, but better than nothing. There is a description description, search engine will not crawl, but will appear in the user search engine keyword, the user may choose the website, according to the site description, choose a suitable site. Also site of the H attribute must be carefully set, but also not excessive optimization, do not appear keywords accumulation condition.

Lead to the development of

network and network marketing, the development of e-commerce, the development of the website platform are faced with the need to do optimization. Method of optimization for the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng required, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can be divided into the station optimization and station optimization. Both in the Shanghai dragon will optimize who? In the perspective of owners, both of which are very important.

station optimization in addition to the above said some common, but also need to simplify code, website optimization, website construction framework do not use the JS website chain jump, etc., are all in the station optimization need to do. The station optimization, you need to do is to provide the weight of the site, improve the site of the chain, attract spider crawling the web, can refer to the following specific operation.

first: user experience optimization. Including the optimization of user experience in many aspects: the site navigation is perfect, it is best to add the bread crumbs to the site of the site navigation, reduce bounce rate. Whether the value of the content of the website, whether the content of the website is to target users want, the value of the site’s content is the most important point to retain users. The site open speed is awesome, users came to the site and few people are willing to wait for you to open the site, so we need the awesome host.


: the last station of different page optimization. Not sure the website keywords positioning only one, different pages can choose different keywords to optimize the location precision, this optimization can find precise user, can also reduce the rate of jump out of the site. If the site classification page, it needs to be done to optimize the classification of the page, the page classification also need to add element labels.

first to do outside the chain. Can accurate positioning of the website optimization keywords, keywords understanding down is to improve the ranking of words, keywords ranking need station optimization support, also need to stand outside the high quality of the chain support, both to.

station optimization is to improve the user experience of the website, improve website content quality, quality can be better used by the user. The station optimization to search engine can be better included, in order to improve the keywords ranking. The webmaster do stand inside optimization, through the following points:

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