Small and medium sized enterprises to develop ideas mining site quality articles

fifth, by Shanghai Longfeng better optimal mining site writing ideas. Analysis of the most common is the competition website, the competition website why content quality is so high, we must carefully analyze their writing ideas and writing techniques, this time to the identity of the third party objectively to >

fourth, thinking he is the user what knowledge we need. We want to see what the user analysis is to use our product, the other as a user for the evaluation of our products is how, the deficiencies of our products where, for the entire industry of our products which obvious characteristics in the market or commendable, these are the inspiration thinking embodied.



first, analysis of the production of products to the whole process of packaging. A product of the production, circulation and destruction is certainly a whole process, the production process of products, processing, production of all aspects of analysis and so on are all we can dig the creative point? For example product after improvement and upgrading in a large scale, after upgrading the new function is what? What function can not be to meet the needs of the present, has been cancelled out, all of these can continue to dig deeper into the issue, after the production must have won many national certificate, certificate for these products what is the meaning of the first point, the author thinks that the mining product itself is one of the main factors of our content sources.

third, the product is formed of a material business. Any goods must be made of different material, which material is the product of these substances, these substances are their own R & D and production of OEM or wait for the choice of these materials as the product material, what is the basis for the user, what are the convenience or value, in fact, I think we Shanghai dragon, in fact and sales is linked, how to write high quality articles, in our understanding of the product is also the process of knowledge products.

site of high quality small and medium sized enterprises

content of the website is any a site to long-term development of the foundation, especially for the growing homogenization of enterprise website, how to continue to expand our content source ideas is the Shanghai dragon Er will try and conscientiously implement the basic problem, good gossip short, we enter today on how to develop ideas. The.

second, and the manager of the company R & D Department of communication material mining. The main business scope is the computer software and related products, and for the most in-depth understanding of these products is the research and development department manager or project manager, we first introduce the background of these people, what experience, published papers, what communication, and these middle managers, understanding of the production process what is the total production process, is how to manage, the actual content is from the industry experts, not only the quality is no problem the value is no doubt the can.

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