Shanghai dragon the biggest success or perseverance behind

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              Shanghai dragon is not only a technical verification, is a more intuitive performance pay effort, to 42 pounds challenge search engine optimization strategies need to be adhered to for a long time past. In better ranking, it is important to insist otherwise behind. Many achievements have been made in the website keywords ranking, improve. She gave up Shanghai Longfeng pay, no longer continue to do Shanghai dragon, the results are often dropped. Whether the webmaster summed up what’s the reason which affects the Shanghai dragon?

when you move on and don’t forget your opponent is thinking about how to defeat you. Robin Li said Shanghai is closed only 30 days, of course, love Shanghai could not go down after 30 days, that is a sense of crisis. Born in hardship, died of happiness, when you think of giving up Shanghai dragon big.


two: a user


Shanghai Longfeng a large part of the factors is the moderate adjustment in the search engine algorithm to do, make the site more suitable for the spider to index, so as to improve the site’s ranking. When the site structure consistent with the content of the search engine algorithm so for Shanghai Longfeng nature is good, but also improve the ranking behoove. Many websites are not only high-quality resources, methods of structural errors and improper promotion, resulting in ranking has not improved, this time only Shanghai dragon make reasonable adjustment to the appropriate personnel, after a period of assessment, improve the ranking is very natural thing. However, on the search engine algorithm basically is in constant change, Shanghai Longfeng personnel only continue to accumulate, can deal with all kinds of search engine algorithm adjustment. Example: now do stand advocate content is king, but a few years ago, far from it, but the weight of the search engine and users tend to be more and more content, even in the network world article a copy of thought must be able to adjust their ideas before they can get added "you will not copy copy" attention, there will not be a few copy shortcut keys can bring spider and IP.

on the search engine algorithm changes can affect the site ranking is analyzed, then the user? In the network environment is the mainstream user support network. Along with the Internet to popularize, and continuously improve the awareness of Internet users on the network, users search habits and custom content are quietly changing. From the initial search of unilateral information, extended to multiple range. Even the required information in the find and expect to find a more satisfactory. If your site is not more comprehensive information, or the user will change slowly, quietly passing, search engine will give you a cold gradually. To cater to the user’s site is the most popular search engine, so the Shanghai dragon ranking and user related. Shanghai Longfeng continue to insist on perfect, not to retreat.

three: About rival

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