Shanghai dragon Er to stand in the search engine’s point of view

in our webmaster in tried to think of a way to solve the problem of the original article, love also in Shanghai to improve its algorithm step by step, give the user a better search results. A false original article we might stand in love Shanghai’s point of view about the problem. Love Shanghai massive daily crawl the web for the same collection of articles, or false original article, if all the included words. Will increase the computational burden, or occupation of storage resources, for which I believe love Shanghai will not pay for such a page. This is also the reason why love believe Shanghai will K off site acquisition.

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search engine accepted by the majority of Internet users, search engines have become the main flow in grassroots we obtain, through the search engine we can promote the brand or website. Shanghai dragon has become a technology AdSense for study of. If Iraq today with us about some of the experience, about my study in Shanghai Longfeng process to share with you.

user experience is the site of the foundation of this, if the quality of the site itself does not go on, even if the number of traffic and what, no way to keep visitors, can let the site in a benign development, in the short term may bring some benefits in advertising, but the search engines continue to improve.

are also on the technical details of search engine optimization, search engine spider is also a visitor. Some of the details of the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng need, many are in this way of thinking, we don’t know why. Such as: external links, because a good website will be users to share your site in other sites. Can also know why external links to the building of new sites to sustained and stable growth of mass, why would lead to site is down right, because a new website is not possible to have a very high degree of communication.

Shanghai dragon These

we are in the process of Web site optimization from the site navigation, Title is set using the Heading tag, keyword highlights, and expand the internal link of reading, all this is to make a better understanding of the content of visitors, so as to improve the user experience. Site navigation can let users faster find he is interested in classification, a clear understanding of the Title user page is about what. Heading tags and keyword highlights is to allow users to understand the content of the key. Internal connections increase user viscosity, of course, to improve the user experience is more than these.

this technology we must learn to consider the search engine, standing in the search engine’s point of view, the retrieval results of the major search engines increasingly high quality, are becoming more and more accurate. From this point of view is only useful for the search of the site is the high quality of the site, will have a good ranking in the search results, love Shanghai optimization guide also said that love is a visitor to Shanghai, Shanghai also love their positioning in a visitor, and we are in Shanghai and Shanghai as the Dragon dragon. From this point of view. We are not into the misunderstanding.

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