The optimization of travel e commerce website construction some thinking skills

speed detection

two, website speed and compatibility (user experience is the most basic 2)

tourism website, about the customer, fill out a bunch of things to be confirmed, that is to register to register, also try to do a simple collection of email and mobile phone call is enough, some networks do like chahukou like, who have the patience to slowly fill. It is best to direct booking, automatic registration, the user experience better. In order to complete the steps, it is best to complete within 3 steps, too many steps, the customer is difficult to operate.


6, the means of payment: as far as possible the application of third party payment, such as Alipay, caifutong and so on, so that customers can be assured of payment, increase website trust.

10, 400

3, easy to buy,

Webwait listen to the name to know is a website loading speed test site. The site is quite simple, just 2 steps to complete the operation, enter the URL, click on the "Time It" button, wait for a little.

in the design of the site, to take into account the habits of users, an accessible website cannot keep your potential customers. Now many travel website search functions are not even, some is very general, it is difficult for clients to search what they want. The column structure is simple and clear.

2, simple and easy to use

7, the content of the website: website content for the sake of customers, to the required. A copy of the station, do not make the website, how to attract customers.

8, evaluation

5 members of the system: the membership system is concise and easy to use. To facilitate the management of information, financial order.

easy to use online customer service (instant chat invitation) system combined with QQ, MSN and IM online communication, marketing more convenient.

1.Webwait website

online customer service system

1, concise, professional: a page out of order, first of all, potential customers are impatient to stay, to retain the potential customers. Professional: for example, I do Guangxi tourism reception, my main page should be located in the Guangxi tourist information, don’t put up the results, give people the feeling that what they are doing, nothing special.

4, the promotion and Realization of function: simple promotion function, members can use the vouchers to pay part, redeem or timing discount.

interactive system

, a travel agency e-commerce website construction (user experience)

to foreign customers a cost-effective communication condition, increase website trust.

a true member of the evaluation of interaction, to other potential customers to see some real things, more trust.


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