Wang Tong see Shanghai dragon opportunities from nternet advertising data

3, over the past few years, the rapid development of foreign trade industry B2C.

Shanghai: love received over 14 billion yuan

two years ago, I saw this opportunity, wrote an article "market analysis" Taobao ranking optimization, and set up a research team, specializing in Taobao and Taobao Shanghai dragon skills promotion experience, have experience from dry cargo every day.

now has a large number of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners into foreign trade area entrepreneurs, diligence and their execution, let Google shocked, such as a company, do thousands of websites of this strategy to upgrade their algorithm. In February 24, 2011, Google launched Goolge panda, used to "audit quality, prevent the garbage station close to the flood, many garbage >

so, through this data, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can see the opportunity to


1, Google is the world’s dominant search engine, people all over the world are using it.

then led to the Google advertising revenue in the China bujianfanzeng. As Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, for the Google Shanghai dragon where opportunities for

2, foreign trade, the first is the use of Google promotion.

Google: revenue of 3 billion 650 million yuan

Promotion of that is going out!

two years later, Taobao’s advertising revenue soared, has reached the scale of 8 billion 790 million yuan, but Taobao? But still very few practitioners in Shanghai dragon. This is a huge market opportunity. For many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, if we go to Taobao Shanghai Longfeng area, opportunities to make money will automatically come to you. Because the demand is too much, people know too little.


, a Taobao Shanghai dragon has the best chance of

for Taobao, the search results are also on the right train advertising, on the left is the natural ranking. Taobao advertising revenue is growing so quickly, so Taobao Shanghai dragon will inevitably demand more rapid.

a few years ago I used many articles inspired the Shanghai dragon practitioners to think globally, foreigners earn money. Maybe your language is not good, never mind, because no matter how to change its language, the Shanghai dragon is the same principle.

so fast?


: Taobao reached 8 billion 790 million yuan

2011, Internet advertising revenue China before three are: Taobao, Google, love Shanghai. According to iResearch data provided as follows:

two, Google Shanghai dragon chance

many people will be surprised, Google has been out of China, and often at home and not open, why Google Chinese advertising revenue growth is

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