The noble baby global deployment of farmer algorithm to eradicate the inferior website

noble baby team said in a blog post, the new algorithm will be deployed to English web search services, and the nobility has begun to absorb the user feedback on the baby, in order to provide better search results. In some areas, and even began to take into account the user’s noble baby "website ban" feedback information.

Beijing on April 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the noble Babi Corp said on April 11th, has begun to deploy the farmer algorithm to eliminate poor website content "in the world" ("Farmer"), the move will give Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) industry and small impact site.

from the United States a month’s performance, some professional publishing site rankings have improved, but the quality of some websites have a serious impact, such as "Mahalo" site affected, even announced layoffs.


said the optimized nobility baby, "the farmer" algorithm considering the site’s "long tail", namely, some seemingly small sites, the overall quality is not high, but in the long term, can also provide useful results, and this factor has not been considered before.

baby for noble "farmer algorithm" is summed up, "to achieve accurate detection of website quality standards in general".

algorithm", as the name implies, aims to further optimize the ranking algorithm, the eradication of the content is not up to the requirements, but often according to Shanghai dragon get inferior website ranking before the. A month ago, this algorithm begins in the noble baby sites in the United States began to deploy, and from the beginning this Monday, will be deployed to the global search service. By then, the global search users will find the influence of "farmer" algorithm to rank the results brought by the.

noble baby said, after absorbing the views of users and gradually improve, "the farmer" algorithm for search ranking has been reduced, before us 12% search keywords are affected, but the impact ratio has been reduced to 2%.

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