To find out the arch criminal minutes website not included


if a website structure confusion, then the whole site will be out of order is clueless, very poor user experience, more important is the spider won’t love at all, dizzy, you say it where there are thought to grab your content? The most reasonable structure of the site should be the logical structure and physical structure of flat Pyramid the shape, distinct levels and very beautiful and practical.

code is the main element of the website, the code will be smooth and clean spider love. We have time to look at my blog code is not perfect, but is very concise. Here it may give you an example, if you want to drive to a place to travel, you are willing to take the highway, or walking surface is full of potholes, the road is the road barrier? So you have to consider the station sometimes problems in the spider position.

if the content on your site is through the website content simple copy and paste or a large collection of reprint of others, so the problem must be included. Because the old spider is as everyone knows, if you don’t have fresh things to attract it, it is difficult to crawl your site, let alone.

, a space is not stable.

do not know if you have such a feeling: hard to do a website, on-line after expectant waiting to be included in the search engine, day after day, time passed, but has not included what happened, this time will inevitably become frustrated, impatient, so is my time just started the Shanghai dragon. As you sow a seed waiting for it to take root, season rujierzhi, but it is still in sleep, even give it the most abundant fertilizer every day, it is still no improvement, so we can conclude that: the seed itself is a problem. In fact, a website is the same, the line on the website after you add a post to him every day, looking for the chain, in the end website or nephew lanterns, it can be roughly determined: the website itself is a problem. So, so now the question is: what is the site where the problem? When I just started and almost broken the scalp, but through the large amount of information, finally find the reasons, and finally solved. I sorted out the reasons through the analysis of the vast majority of them, then all share out, hope to help you to solve the problem.

three, the unreasonable structure of

two, complex and lengthy code

four, website content quality

space is like a house, a house decoration beautiful, guests love to visit often like a spider, guests from afar, if you open the door even very laborious, so how does the customer may also be interested in the house inside look at it. Similarly, if your card space is slow, so the spider climb into your mind where adults visit the website.

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