The use of diagnostic tools to Google website without stealth ills

website optimization, grasp the rule of the search engine rankings will be on the upgrade, the rules and do inverse light is ranked "mediocre", while K treatment station. What is the cause of its reason? In the website development process, there will be inevitably more or less optimization, even if found out, for the website development sweep out a piece of obstacles, but if you find that not? Accumulate even minor problems, will become a fatal factor affecting the development of the website. Google webmaster tools, countless Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster familiar, more like Google Adsense to submit a map, make rapid included. But in addition to these, you make full use of other resources? Google webmaster tools, is a free website diagnostic tool, analysis of this paper is as follows:


Robots.txt is the first file search engine to access the site, the main search engine to express what kind of content can be captured, and what kind of content is not can grab, such as: database. But the Robots.txt function is good, but if the rules are wrong, are more likely to bring the fatal blow to the site, a collection of data, or directly by K light is not impossible. Google webmaster tools just have robotst.txt test generation function, to ensure the correct use of robots.txt:

four: website development theme

: a site map

in site optimization success, often prone to not take the 3W domain with 3W domain name included also positive phenomenon. The owners often use 301 redirection solution. Google webmaster tools are even more complicated steps were saved, tied directly to the domain name, can be completed to set the preferred weight between easily double domain name:

Google Webmaster Tools "key" function can fully the website often >




redirection tool


Robotst.txt analysis

for site map Sitemaps how much do you know? The current mainstream program support this function, for writing up comparison rules. But there are still a lot of website no site map function, so there are many webmaster to casual writing, writing does not matter, but to emphasize to something sitemap must be in accordance with the map specification to write, otherwise may have the opposite effect is not impossible. Why so say? The author orders process, often encounter such map website. How to check the Sitemaps of the map wrong? Google webmaster tools to give an answer:

Three: Google


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