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"internal incubation" came into being in this environment, and "new ventures" have mushroomed.

2, does the entrepreneur need to use a complete management system like an in-house venture?

4, starting in August 17th. MSN group costs, unit price from the original 0.3 yuan / a raised to 0.4 yuan /.

4, who is the right to appoint personnel?

1 and adding steps are simple! As long as the MSN user, click the button to build the swarm and add the MSN robot.

so, today is a simple question of what is the difference between "joint venture" and "internal incubation":


5, open external financing,

The relationship between

entrepreneurs and joint venture plan sponsors more is a partnership, the entrepreneur behind no boss, you don’t need to consider what the boss wants, you are the boss, you just concentrate on the product to do it.

in the "double" driven by domestic entrepreneurial enthusiasm rising all the way, but the entrepreneurial success rate has been low compared with foreign countries, after all, entrepreneurship is a low frequency event, low frequency, high degree of difficulty, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are related to the lack of lack of experience. China Internet entrepreneurial team are very young age structure, their knowledge structures are very similar, industry structure, social resources, contacts and funds are lacking, in such a complex environment, especially need to have experience and resources can help them.

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The appointment of

‘s in vitro incubation project is an independent project that appears in the form of an independent new company

3, data returned, buyer data returned at 17:30 the next day.

1, the relationship between entrepreneur and entrepreneur investor?

3, will entrepreneurs or investors interfere in the construction of corporate culture?

personnel in entrepreneurs, do not appear similar to the team members are forced to recommend, black Guan Jiahui provides part of the build service team, but is auxiliary, the right to decide on entrepreneurs.


"new ventures" refers to organizations built for the purpose of developing new products or services in various uncertain situations, and entrepreneurs are the initiators of these start-ups. Morphologically, "new ventures" can be divided into external and internal entrepreneurship, external entrepreneurship is external independent entrepreneurship, internal entrepreneurship is actually an innovative business sector within the enterprise. The joint venture plan is an external venture, which combines the funds and resources of internal entrepreneurship. It is a new attempt of entrepreneurship.


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no, this new venture will have a strong founder mark, and the culture of the enterprise has a founder shape that must have a strong Founder brand and will not be the mark of an entrepreneur or investor.


2, settlement data. Simply create a MSN group that is extremely efficient for a user. There is no need to log in long and logon restrictions.

joint venture plan "belongs to the in vitro incubation, method of management mode by the entrepreneur decision does not apply complete method of large enterprises has been successfully verified on the management of entrepreneurial projects, that entrepreneurs are not investors or entrepreneurs have the management system of the bound, can the use of bold new ideas and new methods to do the new things.

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