A reasonable set of keywords let you love Shanghai no longer burn

must first do you love Shanghai to promote data analysis. If you are a business station, do data analysis is quite simple, if the medical industry workload is relatively larger, but the work is also necessary for us. I have been between management is the enterprise station, so the enterprise or to the station as an example to explain. Our company is mainly the production of sprinkler, of course, is to have sex while Shanghai auction sprinkler as subject, the sprinkler sprinkler price quotation, and small sprinkler and a series of long tail keywords as adverbs to promote. At the beginning it is very stupid, do not know what data analysis, just think, if the user wants to buy the sprinkler certainly would love Shanghai direct search sprinkler this term, so I spent a lot of time and money in the auction on the subject. The sprinkler in line to love Shanghai promotion left first words to be close to 200 dollars. The results of a week’s time, our company spent more than 10000 dollars, only in exchange for the five customer telephone consultation.

recently always hear complaints about love Shanghai burn, it is of course some do not pay attention to the observation and study of the bidding of Shanghai love, you really think that to love Shanghai money to pay, then you love Shanghai to open an account, then listen to the promotion of Baidu’s sister to help you set a few keywords, you feel you can make money? If you do make money, that everyone is going to love Shanghai promotion. In fact, love Shanghai is to promote the need for the user needs analysis, good user experience, the transformation of your web site to rate is not high is difficult.

above is I love Shanghai promotion settings, which the user clicks on the subject of sprinkler rate is the highest, is also the most expensive, but also the no effect, but as long as the word sprinkler manufacturers, sprinkler sprinkler sales quotation, these long tail key words can bring some flow. Here to tell you a little experience, if you find that one day your bidding spent a lot of money, but no one consultation, and the bounce rate high (the premise is your site user experience do not too bad), is likely to be malicious click, then you have to adjust or temporarily close you keywords extension.


no way, do not change to a dead loss, so I determined to do data analysis. Does not know the statistics, a statistical jump, five customer advisory telephone me is not directly search keywords in the sprinkler, is through the long tail keywords and then click to my website, and then form a consultation. Think carefully, what people will search the keywords sprinkler? Of course is a peer, it always love to see with his truck No. a few, Chinese has a bad habit, is to see where some bidding was uncomfortable, so help you. So you don’t die in your customer’s hands, but died in your hands together. In fact, your peers or real search keywords >


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