On the chain and dark chain operation

1, link

first, add a link can not be done overnight, especially for the chain. We should follow through and, if just the site soon, a sudden increase in tens of thousands of links, do not want to know this is cheating, the result is to be GG and K Baidu. Law is concerned, to see their website included quantity, 3-5 day, more appropriate, but just the opposite.

2, the chain of law

and chainThe number of

more and more people pay attention to Links, because the link for the introduction of a PR website promotion and flow play a crucial role. Links Jane into a bright and dark chain chain, the two links from the literal meaning can be simple to understand, the chain link is visible. Some can see dark chain links, some are hidden links. The two link specific how to operate, the author tries to analyze from the following aspects, if wrong please correct me.

links generally do not limit, but when the website PR value steadily, the more the number of links, other than their own weight higher do not love exchange links with you, because you give each other with PR diluted share value. Therefore, the number of links to a website, the higher the PR value, quantity and quality of the chain is to control. Also note, there is a correlation between the link in the direction of relevance here is that website theme similarity association. For example, for example, your website is selling sand pot, the other site is selling tea, when customers browse in the other site, may go to your website to buy Teapot Tea drink. The search engine will be on its expansion in grab grab each other keywords, a link to your site will attract the spider.

many novice webmaster site in the early to rich web content, often to a large number of exchange Links, for fear that others do not know their own website, but the effect is very poor, partly because their website weight is low, low flow, not willing to exchange links with other websites. On the other hand, even if the exchange links, but also some of the weight is relatively low, and their own fledgling website. Do this often results in small gains, but the lack of a lot of content links to sites and links of instability, the default search engine on your website the same garbage, even do not want to visit the spider. So, do the link before trying to update your own website, adhere to the original, included up other search engines, then do link.

3, to ensure the quantity and direction of the

The life cycle of notes before

second, don’t hang the PR9 link today, their weight will be up tomorrow PR. Love Shanghai and noble baby to crawl the chain to 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer. This requires us to find stable links in the link, ensure the life cycle. The other is especially high weight link, the PR value is far less than the other, if the link cycle not until spider, a bit less effective. If the link is a link to each other for a period of time, through a break, their PR value will be affected.

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