How to operate the site into the sandbox to get out of trouble

does not have the quality? The

2: check whether the site is a problem



A: if released a large number of links in the new stage of


1 is the largest

B: Links exchange is too much

G: is there a black chain cheating on

? ?

a new website I think will enter the sandbox era, of course some institutions website is an exception, because these large sites from both the uniqueness, legitimacy, credibility is second to none in the society, once launched will attract millions of users, in addition to these large institutions the website, general personal Adsense site more or less will experience a sandbox. I am a new site www.0794zp贵族宝贝 recently, in line more than a month, will be the first time keywords, did not do any black hat did not exchange any Links, but good times don’t last long when entering the three, months, without any warning or snapshot every day, it is real included, but all the keywords ranking dropped to the eighth page, I realized that the long-awaited sandbox here. In the face of the sandbox period, every webmaster choice is different, not a definite method, but could you hold on now, here I have experienced before the sandbox period and how to get out of the sandbox makes a summary, I hope to help you.


C: This article is a copy of

rankings will directly affect the mood of the station landing, also became the owners have the power in this watershed, general webmaster will present two extremes: to be nervous and even urgent, spend more time for maintenance and management of the site, for the early out of the sandbox; there is a webmaster quite pessimistic, think website the rankings off just quit, to do the new station. After a period of time, found a part of webmaster stick firmly ranking, gave up the webmaster still continue to do every station. So the site into the sandbox, to face this kind of situation, we know that he is a natural law, followed by hard, adhere to the management, it is expected to become a successful site: one day.

I: the anchor chain distribution and

3: find the problems

F: is there appear to be K or drop right serious site Links in

site into the sandbox, in addition is the universal law, we should also check whether there are problems in other areas, mainly in the following points:

e: if there appears to be a horse or a virus

website: adhere to the premise of successThe ? Through the above

D: website space is able to fast and stable access to


H: if there is excessive optimization keyword stuffing and

link is natural?

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