Beijing network construction novice learning needs to have the spirit of Shanghai Dragon

network construction is my group of friends, it is just in this line is the Shanghai dragon, he learn some experience in the process of Shanghai dragon, can hope to some just into the Shanghai dragon line to help a friend.

Abstract: a good time too fast, from the beginning of June it has been almost 2 months, through this period of time for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng learning, so I have a lot of professional knowledge of Shanghai dragon, from a total lack of understanding of Shanghai dragon who can now through it to create value for my heart, there are some small excitement!!!

The Beijing

immediate action, say in vain. Thought a hundred times better than action. Some people are "talkers, little doers", so can not see more practical things happened to him; a major event is the everyday by action to implement their life plan. We can see the importance of the 2 points above.


want to learn some Shanghai Longfeng students, often wandering in the intersection to enter the Shanghai dragon, think it is too difficult to learn Shanghai dragon too deep. Don’t think so, if you think so, you are completely mistaken. After you started, you will find Shanghai dragon fun, when Shanghai dragon became an essential part of your work, you will say "Shanghai dragon is just so so!" as long as we stick to go down to OK.

Shanghai Longfeng professional knowledge is not so proficient, but I believe that in the long time I will become a member of the Shanghai dragon warrior. Speaking of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only oneself know, need to learn what is really too much, sometimes want to give up, ha ha, to eventually "to" down. In addition to this period of time for the Shanghai Phoenix to learning the professional knowledge, I think there are a little more important is execution.

because I was Shanghai Longfeng for beginners, so not here to display slight skill before an expert technical stuff, I just – – in the process of learning the Shanghai dragon, can make you grow faster, puts forward some opinions.

in my classmates and I went through the learning process of 2 months, there will be different level, I think this is a normal phenomenon. Which can be summed up in one sentence and two questions, this sentence is: "not hard, not hard, hard enough, the two is the first you do not have the sword spirit. Explain: the ancient swordsman and the opponents are in their territories, no matter how powerful opponent, even if the other party is the best in all the land swordsman, knowing defeat, but also flashed his sword, even down in the opponent’s sword, although also defeated especially the glory, this is the sword spirit! Very worthy of our learning of Shanghai Dragon Sword spirit dare to step out of this. Second is your execution is too poor, this is wolf teachers often mentioned, to begin to work, to master the knowledge points, faster to progress.

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