Entrepreneurship after the impulse is not necessarily punishment it may be a rewardThe winter fire


we all know, the state must be * * * * special forum, shut down a lot. Some people are beginning to shrink. But I’m telling you, if you can keep it up, stick to it.

a student dormitory party, my bunk Wang Yang the initiative to undertake a variety of overhead, we jokingly asked him in five million or near the fupo. He said that the first half of the time in Taobao earned much, want to be better than us, life is more than twice as much as two times. The party was a wild puff and everyone enjoyed it. However, I silently wrote down the situation of Wang Yang.

Third days after

really misses the day sh419 brings N million IP days. This day is not easy to come back. sh419 focuses on the quality of the site and adds manual intervention. There’s no way anyone can get it. As for some people, sh419 has a technical problem. This is also a reason.

in fact, Ma said winter, we do not include these personal webmaster, we have begun early winter, has not been to the spring.

but the film union SP channel was closed. It started in 06 years.

likes to be a friend of the forum, so you don’t need to read it.


4. need to be a forum

for four times to adjust. So that the station is now in the winter. Let’s talk about this topic later. Today we talk about forum operations.

you said these college graduates to experience, no experience, no contacts to contacts, a worker, always everywhere suffer indignities, get pitiful wages. It must work for others to swallow, but sometimes the injustice of heart only you know, no way, I am not two rich generation not the two generation, two generation more than red, not only the capital of patience.

to tell the truth, to buy things on the Internet, I was relatively good, but sell things online, but this girl sedan – a first. I went to Wang Yang that, he gave me a look, I understand the basic shop operation process, below is the shop of things, because there is the peak season, the credibility of the shop shipments, so Wang Yang advised me to buy a shop, not much, just a few drill, thousands of pieces of Qianwang yang to help me the money is on the line, he.

What forum does

soon afterward, because of dissatisfaction with the old staff on my bully, and the old staff had a fight, and then he resigned. On the second day home, to call Wang Yang and ask Taobao to store things, did not expect him to give me a call. The phone Wang Yang said he did Home Furnishing service recently belongs to the season, busy, is going to open a store, asked me not to shop, the goods he provided, help me contact, as long as I sell things to make money on the line, the rich brothers earned. I immediately promised to come down and make an appointment to talk to Wang Yang about how to do it.

in short, individuals recommend DZ, after all, the carrying capacity is very large. Next, I will choose pw. There is an article on the Internet that analyzes DZ and pw. Everybody can see

forum system very much, the earliest BBSXP Network Forum Cha bird.Net Koleos CGI to the now popular network DZ pw

actually, everyone knows that the website is better than the advertising fee. Not as much as the web version of the station. But I think the forum is active, and that’s why I like the forum.

generally speaking, DZ has no weight to search pw. I have tested many times, but the number of DZ is generally more absolute.

I don’t know what the shop can buy, do not know how to buy, ask Wang Yang, Wang Yang did not know where to buy the right, in some of his Taobao group growl, and then I saw the group in the debate, recommended A5 tao.admin5 of the intermediary shop, the reason is that A5 is engaged in website the domain name trading site, safe and reliable, and the whole network is the lowest fee. See, this is a personal heartbeat, but still to investigate >

what I said above is my own situation, and I guess a lot of people are the same as mine. I think in addition to have no idea, complacent person feels that he will stay in a company, if some young heart blood absolutely in how to earn more money.

used to do movie associations, and sh419 searches for a lot of people. Indeed, sh419 used to be rather foolish. Included soon, but also easy to be some webmaster research,

I suggest that you choose your own resources according to your own interests. Which industry forums are successful?. I feel very good, such as: Tianya, industry, such as outdated, Admin5 are quite successful.

if you forum attachment >

1. forum selection

Why does

here, I share some of the experience of the forum. I have been in the forum for over 1 years. PV15 million, for my personal website, is also considered a small success.


3. do?

What kind of space does

because of a circle of people. Easy to keep people. Strong interaction. But I don’t mean absolutely, not all stations are made up of forums. This article only provides experience in forum operation, for no

‘s party, I went to Wang Yangzu’s house to talk to him and wanted to talk to him about the Taobao store. And Wang Yang chat, just know that Taobao is not very good to do, quite hard, and the water is still particularly deep, Wang Yang said, if I want to open shop, can help me, but recently busy, can not afford to spare, let me wait for some time. I thought and agreed.

2. make a forum

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