Amoy bankruptcy on the road the liquidation of liabilities 10 million employees owed 3 months sala

April this year, there is news that "Amoy on the road" C round of financing failure, CEO Li Xin has taken the team to leave, and most of the company’s employees have signed a labor contract with the company to terminate the agreement.

Future Ltd will be the reorganization of assets in order to seek new business transformation, we expect the future in the new business mode to restore its former glory Amoy on the road as soon as possible, to provide services for Amoy road users.

below is the full text of the open letter:

News of

to everyone Amoy road users

Amoy was founded in 2011. A round of financing of $1 million 500 thousand won the red dot investment, Ali capital 3 million dollars A+ round of financing and new horizon capital investment led tens of millions of dollars B round of financing.

‘s Sina Technology

but the failure to finance and forced employees to leave, Amoy on the road but denied, saying it will seriously investigate the legal liability of rumor mongers. "At the end of last year, Amoy on the road, in the capital winter intensified, it really experienced a period of quite difficult, not through streamlining the team through the crisis". Also said at the beginning of April, Amoy has identified a new round of financing in the way, a new round of financing will be used for scouring the road channel construction, to expand commodity and brand promotion etc.. More detailed financing information will be disclosed in the near future.

mobile travel platform Amoy on the road to the user and vendor recently issued an open letter, announced that the business platform will cease operations, and gradually for debt consolidation and settlement work, and all employees have been forced to leave.

Amoy on the road will be closed down due to capital winter. But the outside world also has the view that, in addition to capital winter, there is no real competitiveness, relying on the burning of travel business model, it is difficult to survive in the current OTA market. In addition, the team, Taobao department and Ctrip infighting serious, is also considered to be one of the important reasons.

reporter Liu Qili reported yesterday, the sh419 Inc responsible for the bidding of Shu news told reporters that the company has to "blackmail, extortion" handed over to judicial organs. As for who sh419 is behind the scenes, Shu said the inconvenience was public comment.

click fraud ", said the fraud defrauding them about 3000000 yuan.


Amoy on the road since its establishment in 2011, with leading business model, excellent service ability, the rapid growth of the local travel services business platform China largest, the cumulative service of tens of millions of tourists. Unfortunately, affected by the impact of the capital winter, the company operating in a difficult situation, and now suspend business on the road Amoy electricity supplier.

‘s failure to finance, stop operations and force its departure was finally confirmed. However, there are employees on the road Amoy said that wages have been in arrears since March, and even labor arbitration also refused to perform. In the case of debt, Amoy on the road also owed a lot of suppliers of money, I do not know whether to pay off.

although Amoy on the road, the official recognition of CEO Li Xin’s departure message, Amoy on the road, the original CEO Li Xin Zhongyu for family reasons, Mr. outgoing CEO post, Amoy on the road founder & Chairman Mr. Chen Wei took over.

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